Beauty salon equipment is the broad term for the equipment that salons use. The type of equipment required by salons depends on which services they offer. Most salons feature tanning, hair cutting and styling, manicures, pedicures and due to popular demand, day spa services. These services can be done in one salon but are usually done separately in hair salons, nail salons and tanning salons.

Salon equipment covers a lot of products, services and terms and each have their own unique function. It caters to an array of specialized requirements that are distinct to salon industry, just a few of which are hair cutting and styling, nail spa, nail care and tanning solutions. The range of basic salon equipment varies from inexpensive to extravagant. The less pricey beauty salon equipment is a better option when compared to the costly equipment, particularly for the beginner. The expensive salon equipments may be best for the experienced salon owner.

The important thing which the majority of salons offer is a basic skin care treatment and hair styling. You must decide what are the requirements and facilities your salon will provide like salon mat, salon chairs etc. This will assist you in deciding upon the type of salon equipment as well as the accessories that you will need to use and stock.