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Great for hairstylist on budget!

exactly what I want it, it is perfect for clients and not super heavy. I would definitely recommend for even any hairstylist that are doing hair out of their homes. it doesnt take up too much space at all and east to put together.

Es muy buen tamaño y comodo

Para trabajos en casa es perfecto

Barber chair

The cover at the very end that hides the back of the chair should’ve had pre-drilled holes. Not very easy to drill the hole through the metal without damaging the chair.

We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced with the plastic cover of the chair. The cover does not come with pre-drilled holes and is attached using self-tapping screws. To safely install the plastic cover without damaging the chair, simply align the cover with the desired position and use a power drill to screw in the screws. We will also forward your feedback to our product department to improve our products.

Love it

Very happy. I've had similar towel warmers that I had puchased of that popular "prime" website. They were horrible. So far soooo good. No funky smells dosen't leaks. I love that the uv light works intermittently instead of being on all the time. Keeps my towels fresh and steaming hot for the next shave. Just one small detail... the door is a little tight so you have to make sure you close it all the way. I'm sure it will lose up a little over time. That's my only thing but still giving it a full 5 star review.

Love this!!!!

I highly recommend this!!! Fast shipping. Installation was easy, took a 45 mins - 1 hour to assemble. The hardest part was mounting it. This can only be mounted on studs. Do not mount on dry wall!!!!!! It does come with mounting equipment but I had to buy my own mounting equipment so I can hang it on the studs. I love this!!!

Es bonita, solo q me dio bastante trabajo para armarla.

?Da mucho trabajo de armar, se necesitan 2 personas,armarla

Magnificent Beautiful!

It came in 2 boxes so it was easier to maneuver. Take about half hour/45 mins to set up. Pretty self explanatory.

This was a great chair for face painting. Perfect for the kids and it was just perfect!!

OmySalon 72in Facial Massage Bed Electric Height Adjustable Esthetician Bed Facial Lash Bed with Hydraulic Stool White/Black

Fantastic chair

Just received this today and it is fantastic. I do large outdoor art shows and have been looking for a tall, sturdy, comfortable chair. This fit the bill. It arrived fully assembled and folded into a carrying case. It was easy to set up, easy to get into, and easy to fold up
again. The chair seems to have heavy duty framing and fabric. It cost about 30% less than the chair used by a lot of my friends but seems to be equal in quality. So glad I found Omysalon!

In search of

Only received one box. I only have the seat cushions, but no way to hold them together as I don’t have any of the base. Lol K.C if you’re still out there looking… I have all of the components you’re looking for, but in black…

Honest Review of the Manicure Table Nail Desk

Worth the purchase!

So far so good. The towels definitely get to hot to touch but that's how I like it to be. I'm a well known travel LMT in the STL so I needed something small enough to fit in my carry bag and tough enough to work. I'm huge in bringing the spa to my clients and with this little oven, I definitely can.
I had been for years hauling my Big-Ass spa oven with me & wanted to do some major research before purchasing something becausetime is literally money & if i make a purchase for my business, it needs to work as advertised.

Yes, the great reviews sold me but I had to make the purchase to see for my self. Glad that I did. Now for the ongoing haul. Will it last? Only time will tell. For now however, I'm extremely happy & it's a tax right off so no harm done.

Def a little difficult to assemble if you’re by yourself lol

This took me and my mom hours to assemble, it was kinda easy, BUT even with some of the screws it’s still a little loose in some places. But overall I actually LOVE it. The only thing other than is the tipping over like as soon as you stand it up the weight of the long drawer doesn’t hold, so you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO have someone help you with that part before you can even bolt it to the wall.
I nearly broke it standing it up after HOURS of putting it together. I wanted this specific one because it goes with the “look” of my salon, but I’m gonna need to invest in one that has a extra little leg or something to support the other side next time. Very very nice, easy to clean, sleek look & altogether, “fancy” looking if I do say so myself.

Love this Mat!

I love how thick these mats are!! I would definitely purchase them again:)

15L Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet

OmySalon Waiting Room Bench, Reception Bench Office Chair Black/Red/White

I love this chair!!

Salon chair was very easy to assemble, it took me no time to put together. Its comfortable, sturdy and for a reasonable price! This chair makes my job much more worth my while. Im happy with my purchase & will definitely refer to others!

need reinforced

It does look like the picture. It is smaller than I imagined it. The instructions were minimal, which made it complicated. I had to reinforce the stand with an extra leg on the open side and several brackets, so that it can withstand any weight. We will see how long it lasts.


Very nice, I like it and so do my clients.

Great chair

Great chair. At first I thought the pump was defective as many people wrote but the seller sent me a picture of the correct installation and I realized it was done incorrectly and now it works great and its pretty!

Not for professional use

Great for home use but not professional. Steam is strong and magnifying lamp works well…both arms are very short and the unit is flimsy.

good buy!

Perfect towel warmer for my clients, heats quickly .

I havent put it together yet because the tools were not provided for easy assembling.

OmySalon Rolling Saddle Stool Swivel Adjustable Rolling Stool with Wheels Black