Instagram vs Pinterest | Which One Is Better for Nail Technicians

Instagram vs Pinterest | Which One Is Better for Nail Technicians

In choosing between Instagram vs Pinterest for business,  there is some nitty-gritty to ensuring that your hair and nails salon business receives the needed growth.

One key aspect of business advertising and marketing is selecting the best platform for promoting your business. Social Media provides a far-reaching platform that allows all kinds of businesses to display their products and services to attract the right kind of customers to boost their businesses. In choosing the best platform for your business, it is important to understand the fundamental purpose of what the platform does to meet your target audience.

Salons, including nail tech services, can leverage the provisions of social media platforms to promote their businesses. Oftentimes, nail technicians can face issues in selecting the best platforms for their business and may find it time-consuming to use all social media platforms. In choosing between Instagram vs Pinterest for business,  there is some nitty-gritty to ensuring that your hair and nails salon business receives the needed growth.

Consider these tips when searching for what works best.

Pinterest is an image and video-sharing social media platform that works like a discovery engine when searching for ideas and inspirations. Users of Pinterest can post or pin images or videos of their choice to either their board or other's board and also share these visuals. Images that depict their interest or taste can be pinned on the platform and a person's interest in the posts can discover these ideas and inspirations. With Pinterest, you can send and receive messages, make a post and include prices and either snap a photo directly and post or choose from your gallery. This platform is designed for discovering and distributing photos and videos as well as selecting and saving photos and videos.

On the other hand, Instagram is a social media platform where users can share pictures and videos from their mobile devices with their followers. With over one billion users on Instagram, there are more males on Instagram than females. The platform allows its users to showcase their works, make a post and include its prices, send and receive messages, and connect with family and friends. Instagram is designed to majorly share and promote your photos and videos.

Instagram allows users to make posts and add links to their websites on their bio to allow its followers easily purchase their goods and book appointments. It also supports integration with other software to ease the process of reaching the services of the business. On Pinterest, users can access the price of the product, share links directly to posts made and purchase the product easily. You can also link multiple e-commerce sites to the pins on Pinterest. Pinterest allows users to analyse their images with their camera and relevant suggestions for the product can would also be provided.

Currently, Instagram has over one billion users, providing a wide audience for businesses with a larger population, with more of its users within the age range of 18-35 years and users above 55 being the minority. Pinterest, on the other hand, is made up of a higher number of users from 55 years and above, with an 81 per cent of female users with over 430 million active users.

With this, the target audience of the services of the nail technicians is important when choosing between Pinterest and Instagram. Generally, products that appeal to the older demographics are more suited for sales on Pinterest while products suited for millennials are more suited for Instagram. On health and beauty, Pinterest has a 45% popularity among its users while about 80% of Instagram's one billion users have bought a product on Instagram.


Pinterest vs Instagram: what's best for Nail Salon

Consider these differences when choosing between Instagram and Pinterest for your nail salon


Pinterest uses its visuals to attract persons looking for creative ideas and inspiration. With about 76.7 % of women on Pinterest from over 431 million users on Pinterest, the platform has a smaller population when compared to the over 1.3 billion users on Instagram. However, both platforms share the same demographics in the age distribution of users between 25-44 years but Instagram has a more diverse audience with 50.7% male and 49.3% female. Choose the target customers for your business as it relates to the age bracket and age dominance of your nail salon.


There are specific reasons users follow accounts on Pinterest and Instagram. On Pinterest, users enter specific keywords to discover pins and other inspiration while the visuals of a post are what capture the attention of the viewer on Instagram. Pinterest nail designs should provide new and inspiring visuals for the viewer to capture their attention while nail designs on Instagram should be captivating and enticing to grab the user's attention. For nail designs, Pinterest employs keywords on its search and users follow accounts that reflect these interests.

Video sharing and Photo Editing

While Instagram and Pinterest allow users to share videos of their choice, there are differences in photo editing. Instagram users can easily edit their photos on Instagram using its editing features while photos cannot be edited directly on Pinterest. Pinterest nail designs can be edited using another application and then posted on the platform.

Link Sharing

There are differences in link sharing on Pinterest vs Instagram. On Instagram, links can only be shared in a paid Instagram ad campaign, and on your link bio and not directly in posts made. On the other hand, Pinterest helps businesses generate more traffic by allowing you to share links to your websites in a post. You can also link multiple sites to your post and scan images for more suggestions.

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