How to Use Pinterest for Business? Let Your Salon Business Spiral Quickly

How to Use Pinterest for Business? Let Your Salon Business Spiral Quickly

This article will illustrate that how to plan your salon business on the Pinterest.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram come to mind when thinking of the best social media platforms to promote any business. Sure, they have their unique offerings and capabilities, but when it comes to showing off your salon’s work, Pinterest beats them hands down. Pinterest is renowned for delivering eye-catching content in the visual beauty industry. In this article, you can learn how to use Pinterest to show off your work, promote your salon business, and drive organic traffic to your studio.

Pinterest is a social media community that was launched in 2010. It is dominated by pin-board-style photos that inspire audiences to take action. On Pinterest, you can easily choose a theme that befits your studio, edit your business information, upload photos, and start interacting in the community. Are you planning to open a salon? You are lucky to find yourself in this article. Pinterest business is a go-to resource to promote your nail salon, hair salon, barbershop, or beauty salon.

Why promote hair salons on Pinterest?

Besides boasting over 360 million monthly active users, I’ll give you five reasons 5 reasons why every salon owner should use business Pinterest.

1. Generate website traffic

Pinterest business is a good place to start for any salon business looking for website referrals. Since this visually-based platform boasts millions of monthly audiences, it is only natural to expect a decent amount of traffic to your website. However, optimizing your post via keywords, quality images, and unique content can boost your search engine rankings and eventually make your post go viral. A viral post can increase your web presence, generate leads, and redirect traffic back to your salon website.

2. Connect visually

Getting people to like your studio can be challenging. But, when you post quality images with the right execution, potential clients want to walk out and feel your website. Indeed, the right image can express a million words.

3. Low maintenance

Pinterest business requires very minimal maintenance compared to Facebook and Twitter. You don’t need to monitor comments, likes, and shares. When you upload a quality, attractive image, add the right tags and description, then you can leave the rest for the Pinterest Community.

4. Inspire and get new customers

While Pinterest may not be the ideal platform to pitch sales, they allow business owners get inspiration on how to make their businesses standout. That’s not all. If someone finds a salon product they’ve been looking for while getting ideas, don’t you think they will book an appointment? Therefore, Pinterest is not just a platform to get ideas & inspiration, getting customers too can be a byproduct.

5. Increase sales

Any salon business with increased traffic will always certainly increase sales. This is particularly helpful for salon owners selling one product or the other.

How to get started with Pinterest for salon business

Since Pinterest is the hub for generating spiral content for your website, every salon owner should leverage the marketing power it yields. Fortunately, getting started with Pinterest is easy.

  • To sign up or log in, visitPcom.
  • In the top-right corner, click on “Add a free business account”.
  • Fill in the correct information about your salon business, including your link, description, profile picture, etc.
  • Next, it’s time to Pin.

We recommend that business owners use a Pinterest business account because it comes with metrics that can help you score the most engagement. This way, you can promote Pins that have the potential of reaching a more targeted audience.

Many folks believe Pinterest is like other social media platforms where content is created and shared. On the contrary, Pinterest is quite unique. You can create uncountable Pins in different content formats, including:

  • Photos
  • Blogs
  • Website Content
  • Videos and Tutorials
  • Promotion and Sales
  • Events
  • Giveaways, and so on.


Ideas for hair salons and stylists

Now that you know what Pinterest is all about and how you can get started, it’s time to learn a few Pinterest hair styles ideas. Here are 14 Pinterest Board ideas to get you started.

Create individual Boards for your Stylists: I recommend that you take some photos (before and after) of some of your complex cuts and create a board for each stylist. The more stylists that you have, the more Boards and galleries of work people can find on your Pinterest account.

Bridal Hair Board: If you specialize in Bridal Hair, be sure to dedicate an entire board to this trendy niche. Curate pictures from bridal hair that you’ve pinned to create traction.

Optimize your Pins for SEO: Like Google, Pinterest is a search engine. To get a higher ranking, you want to include keywords and relevant hashtags in your Pin descriptions.

Testimonial Board: Do you have satisfied customers who love your service? Get their feedback or reviews and upload pictures of your customers (with their consent) on a Testimony Board.

Salon Events Board: This board is ideal for uploading photos of events, upcoming celebrations, and holiday parties.

Products Board: You want to sell, I mean, that’s why you’re on Pinterest. Creating a product board is ideal for salon owners who sell on their websites. Products Board is a great place to add images of those products and detailed descriptions.

Have a contest: Business Pinterest can be boring without contests. A contest is a great way to engage with followers. It involves asking pinners to pin a pin of your choice in exchange for promotional codes or coupons for your salon.

Track the metrics: Data is important to track, measure, and analyze audience behavior and key Pinterest metrics. Tracking your Pins will reveal which content is the most/least engaging. It is a great Pinterest marketing strategy that every salon owner should adopt.

Tools of the Trade Board: Every stylist needs the tool to display their favorite salon tools. Have fun displaying brushes, different sets of combs, clippers, nail polishes, hair colors Pinterest, and so on.

Hair Styles Board: This board is dedicated to displaying images of different Pinterest hair styles that your salon can handle.

Our Salon Board: Just like an “About Us” page on a website, this board is where stylists upload professional photos of their employees.

Video Board: Like YouTube, Pinterest has a space for adding videos for specific hair styles or nail polish sessions.

Hair Care Board: People want to learn how to take care of their hair. With the Hair Care Board, you can create pins on how people can care for their hair, nails, and skin generally.

Deal with a quality salon equipment supplier: Since Pinterest is all about bringing your salon to the limelight, you want to first make sure your store is loaded with quality salon tools and equipment. Salon equipment and furniture suppliers like Omysalon sell quality salon equipment and furniture that appeal to your audience.


As you can see, Pinterest business offers more opportunities for beauty businesses than other social media platforms. They are more of a visual search engine which makes it a great platform to let your salon business go spiral. However, it is always good to mix different styles of pins on your Pinterest profile. Adding only aesthetic Pinterest wallpapers can bore your audience. You want to mix photos with Pin infographics, how-to videos, and how-to blog posts. This is a great way to educate your audience other than pinning salesy content.


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