Best Salon Promotion Ideas to Improve Your Sales Quickly

Best Salon Promotion Ideas to Improve Your Sales Quickly

Beyond delivering good service, there are other salon promotion ideas to improve awareness about your products and services, drive sales and guarantee business growth.

The image of the salon is important when seeking to improve sales, build a customer base and grow your business. This image is largely affected by the activities of the salon. While there are no hard and fast rules to building a satisfactory image for your business, advertising and marketing campaigns are effective strategies when looking for how to promote a salon business and build a better image of your business.

Beyond delivering good service, there are other salon promotion ideas to improve awareness about your products and services, drive sales and guarantee business growth.

Referrals and Loyalty Programs

This is one of the most effective hair salon promotion ideas. You can boost the sales of your salon products and services by urging existing customers to refer their families and friends. You can also encourage them to do this by offering discounts, gifts, or bonuses for every referral. Additionally, Yiu can create a loyalty program to reward your customers and encourage them. You can come up with something extra such as free service delivery, gifts, giveaways, or add-ons as a reward for their loyalty to your service or brand. With this, you can build a stronger customer base and increase patronage.

Use your Social Media Platforms

There are over four billion users of social media platforms around the world, across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest amongst others. This provides a huge and ready market for the health and beauty industry as there are over 2.14 billion digital buyers in the world, generating about 50% of sales in 14 industries. Create a social media page for your salon, opt for a business account, and provide the information that follows. With social media, salon businesses can advertise hair promotions, launch new services and products, get and post reviews, interact with customers, and make posts about their products and services. Ensure to employ the use of hashtags to highlight the events in your salon when making posts.

Ads Campaigns

Business owners searching for how to promote salon businesses must employ the use of ads in their campaigns. Ads can be run on social media as well as on other media platforms such as radio, television, and even over other internet services such as Google. These ads not only help to create awareness about your salon business/brand but also helps you to increase your sales. Ads improve the authenticity of your business, help you reach your target audience, and constantly remind viewers of the existence of your business. This can play a huge role in improving the visibility of your business and increasing engagement with the audience.

Seasonal Promotions

Running seasonal promotions helps to remind people about the existence of your business and how relevant the services of a business are during a period. Salon owners can run Halloween salon promotions, back-to-school promotions, birthday promotions, valentine's day promos, summer discount sales, and spring cleanup deals, amongst others. Develop hair salon Christmas promotion ideas for your salon products and services and run ads to inform others about the offers in your salon.

Include your Staff too

Employees play a huge role in the retention of customers and building the customer base. Train your employees regularly to keep up with the trends and ensure your staff are comfortable and happy with the work environment. Also keep them motivated regularly to increase their morale, encourage your staff to be friendly towards your customers and adopt other staff reward programs to create a healthy and friendly environment for your employees. Satisfied employees would make satisfied customers which in turn would increase the customer base and growth of the business. You can also show off your skilled staff and allow customers to choose their stylists.

Search Visibility and Website Availability

Businesses tend to ignore this salon promotion idea. Improve your visibility when searches are made on platforms such as Google. Without this, people may not recognize your business services when searches are made. Additionally, you should create a salon website to showcase the activities of your salon and give viewers a feel of what to expect when they visit your salon. Websites create an impression in the mind of visitors so you must employ the use of good aesthetics, display high-quality images and videos, a simple call to action, a booking process, and availability of delivery services.

Email Campaigns and SMS Marketing

Create a mailing list of your existing customers and send regular emails to keep them abreast of activities within the salon and upcoming promotions. You can also inform them of new and existing services using emails and advertise your new products. You can also differentiate your customers into different demographics to ensure you send the right message to the right persons. Always include valuable content in your emails, in-store offers, discounts, and call to action when sending the emails.

Use SMS marketing to send information about reminders, limited-time offerings, exclusive promotional information, and opt-in request for email newsletters.

Use Social Media Influencers

The turn to Salon or salon product influencers is one of the trends in promoting salon products and services. Choose an influencer that represents the ideologies and identity of the business to create awareness about a product or service in your salon. Viewers tend to tilt towards products endorsed by certain celebrities and this would improve their trust in your products, services, and brand.

Product placement

This technique is all about placing the products you have in your salon appropriately to grab the attention of the customer. You can set up shelves and arrange the products in their different categories and encourage your customers to inquire about them. The arrangements of the product on the shelf should be attractive and appealing to the eyes of the customer. Educate your customers on the importance of the product even while using it on them.


Customers are the lifeline of a business and marketing your products and services using the right techniques helps to guarantee an increase in sales and your business generally. Adopt these techniques in your salon to boost your sales and business reputation, increase your customer base, educate customers, and stay ahead of the competition.


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