How to Start Your Mobile Nail Salon Business?

How to Start Your Mobile Nail Salon Business?

Are you a beginner with no experience and wondering how to start a mobile nail salon? Check out these steps A-D.

Starting a mobile nail salon is a huge step that requires you to invest your time and effort. Although it can also be exceptionally fulfilling, it requires you to stay organized right from the scratch. Whether you’ve obtained a certification as a nail technician or not, opening a mobile nail salon can take a lot of research and planning. In this guide, you will learn how to start a nail salon, nail salon equipment, and the requirements to open a mobile nail salon business.

Are you a beginner with no experience and wondering how to start a mobile nail salon? Check out these steps A-D.

A. Nail salon expenses

In a traditional salon, the cost will be incurred on rent, staffing, water, electricity, and other bills. When it comes to setting up a mobile nail salon, all of these are not necessary. Nail salon expenses vary depending on budget and the type of mobile nail salon services that will be rendered. Generally, before starting your mobile salon business, you will need to calculate the costs for vehicle maintenance, salon social media marketing, supplies, branding, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), number of employees, and so on.

B. Nail salon licensing and permits

Having stated your salon expenses, you want to cater to licensing and permits. Every business needs permits and licenses to operate. Permits and licenses can vary between towns, states, and countries. Your job is to carry out research to know whatever is required in your vicinity. Generally, you will need the following licensing and permits regardless of your area:

Cosmetology license: The criteria for obtaining this license in most regions are:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age
  2. You must be a graduate of a certified cosmetology program or apprenticeship
  3. You must have passed a series of practical exams
  4. You must have work experience in numerous cosmetology services for customers

Nail salon business operation license: This is the standard business license needed to open your nail salon business. By providing your name, business name, and SSN (Social Security Number), you can apply to the U.S. Small Business Administration or the relevant body for your state.

Certificate of occupancy: If you are establishing a traditional nail salon business, you need to obtain this certificate from a government agency.

Specific licenses: You may need additional licenses if you offer specialized services like the spa or medical treatments.

EIN: An Employer Identification Number (EIN) will be required to file documents like your State and Federal taxes, nail salon's payroll, and so on.

Nail salon retail seller permit: If you will be selling beauty products, you will need a retail seller permit.

You can get it from the IRS or your state's online site, and you'll be required to provide your business license, personal info, and a basic description of your products and services.

C. Nail salon equipment

Nail salons mobile equipment and tools comprise everything you need to provide professional services to your clients. From furniture to electrical items, tools & supplies to safety, everything needs to be considered. Check out some of the top mobile nail salon equipment:

  1. Makeup case: A makeup case or box is an integral tool and a must-have for every salon owner. This beautifully designed, fashionable, and portable 4-in-1 Aluminum Cosmetic Makeup Case Tattoo Boxis ideal for professionals, hair stylists, students, and for personal use. The best makeup cases are extremely durable and easily transportable, thanks to their high-quality material. They come with collapsible trays, a large capacity bottom compartment, and elegant colors to suit your salon needs.
  2. Foldable manicure table: A manicure table is essential mobile nail salon This foldable manicure tablehas a cabinet on one side and a basket for storage on the other. It comes with 2 lockable wheels that are designed for easy mobility and stability. In terms of comfort, this manicure table provides soft, padded armrest for your clients. As the name implies, it can be folded for easy storage and transport. Plus, it comes with a LED lamp that offers clear vision while working.                               
  3. Beauty salon chair: What is a beauty salon without a comfortable and adjustable chair? Beauty salon chairs are a must-have for every salon. There are a wide variety of nail salon chairs, all coming in different designs, colors, and materials. The best nail salon chairs offer comfort for both the clients and the stylist. They are made with high-quality materials and are extremely durable.                        

NOTE: The quality and number of nail salon equipment will be determined by the services you provide and the number of staff you have. While nail salons mobile equipment is an investment, we recommend that you carry out in-depth research before making any purchase.

D. Other requirements to start your nail salon business

  • Nail salon business plan
  • Finding an ideal location
  • Funding your nail salon
  • Hiring employees
  • Nail salon insurance
  • Sourcing reputable nail product suppliers
  • Choosing a nail salon software
  • Nail salon marketing plan
  • Preparing a price plan
  • Processing payment

Benefits of opening a mobile nail salon

Trying to understand the pros and cons of starting a mobile nail salon business?

  • Perfect if you like to be independent and work alone
  • It's great to be able to do something you like and not something you’re forced to do
  • You can offer personalized and customized service to your clients in the comfort of their own home
  • It allows you to develop your managerial skills by mentoring your staff
  • You have no rent to pay, although expenses such as petrol will be incurred
  • You can choose your working hours
  • Offers creative freedom – work at flexible hours that suit you, not only the usual salon hours
  • Opening a mobile nail salon means you are not tied to a salon lease or long contract – in simple terms, you are your own boss

Bonus tip: Invest in quality nail salon equipment

Being a nail stylist has proven very rewarding for many, especially those who have invested in high-quality salon equipment. There are hundreds of options available for purchasing mobile nail salon furniture equipment. However, Omysalon is the place to go if you want the best quality at a competitive price. Omysalon is a fast-rising global supplier of salon equipment and furniture. They offer high-quality beauty salon furniture equipment at reasonable prices. You will find the best mobile nail salon for sale equipment in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to serve your clients more efficiently. Visit Omysalon for more details.

Wrapping up

With this guide, we hope to have answered your question on how to open a mobile nail salon. Starting a mobile nail salon business comes with a reward for anyone ready to invest time and effort. Before you begin your adventure, make sure you create a solid business plan, outline your budget, build a strong marketing strategy, and invest in quality furniture equipment.


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