Proven Strategies for Picking Salon Furniture

Proven Strategies for Picking Salon Furniture

Your salon furniture can either make or mar your business. Don’t know how to pick nail salon furniture? We have created this comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision when choosing salon furniture.

Picking salon furniture is one of the most difficult parts of the salon business. Many things can influence your decision if you are not well informed. Whether you are starting a nail/hair/beauty salon or remodeling one, choosing the right set of furniture can set your business apart from all the competition. Your salon furniture can either make or mar your business. Don’t know how to pick nail salon furniture? We have created this comprehensive guide to help you make the right decision when choosing salon furniture.

If a salon offers comfort, it is sure to attract more clients. From a relaxing chair to a rotating table, storage to trolleys, everything needed to provide optimum pleasure for your clients must be considered. While you are excited about starting your dream project, your salon must promote the best overall experience for clients. It begins with researching the right set of salon furniture to accomplish this. The best hair salon furniture is tailor-made to suit your needs, your salon’s needs, and your clients’ needs.


Features Of The Best Salon Furniture

Purchasing the right beauty salon furniture can sometimes be overwhelming, but this guide will help you make informed decisions. In this section, we will highlight the basic features of the best salon furniture. What should you look for when choosing modern salon furniture?

  1. Comfort: The best salon furniture must offer comfort for both the client and the stylist. Are your clients comfortable when styling their hair? Are you comfortable while working? Comfort must be considered when it comes to making purchases of furniture pieces.
  2. Maintenance-friendly: The best nail salon furniture is easy to clean and maintain. Experts recommend choosing dark-colored furniture.
  3. Perfect material: Ideally, the best beauty salon furniture are made of high-quality materials that are durable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. Vinyl and chrome are examples of such materials. You want to avoid fabrics.
  4. Warranty is a must: The best salon furniture manufacturers offer (at least 1 year) warranty for all their products because they are made of high-quality materials. Avoid companies that offer no warranty – they are not reliable & trustworthy. You will need quick intervention if your salon chair breaks.
  5. Aesthetics: In addition to the previously mentioned features, the design option of your salon furniture should be considered. Salon furniture comes in various styles including modern, contemporary, retro, and classic. It is left for you to choose the one that best suits your style and décor.
  6. Budget: The cost of modern salon furniture can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars per furniture. The price is determined by the quality of the material used in the production. It is important to have a realistic budget and stick to it. One thing is certain: you will find quality salon furniture for any budget.
  7. Size: Salon furniture comes in different sizes; big, small, large, and wide. Modern salon furniture is more compatible than older furniture, but they are more expensive. You can make a decision depending on your budget and space.

Proven Strategies For Picking Salon Furniture

How do you choose salon furniture? Check out our proven strategies for picking salon furniture.

In this section we will highlight strategies for:

  1. Nail salon furniture
  2. Hair salon furniture
  3. Beauty salon furniture

What are you to expect from salon furniture? Check out the following:



People want to see what style options abound in your salon before they become loyal clients. A professional nail salon business invests in top nail salon furniture to satisfy eager clients. Before spending hundreds or thousands of dollars in your salon, check out the following strategies:

Create a budget: This is the first tip for choosing nail salon furniture. As we stated earlier, nail salon furniture ranges from thousands to millions of dollars. You may not know what to buy if you don’t create a reasonable budget. Creating a budget depends on how much you can afford.

NOTE: No matter how small or large your budget is, make sure you buy quality nail salon furniture. We already stated earlier that there is furniture for every budget.

Focus on the essentials: Now, you must have known how much you have to spend for beautifying your salon studio. Start by creating a shopping list of all the pieces of furniture you need to function. After creating this list, get the pricing for each. Your budget may or may not cover all the expenses. Don’t worry! If your budget cannot afford every piece of furniture, simply focus on the essentials, such as reception furniture, storage, manicure tables & chairs, nail dryers, and what have you. As your business expands, you can add more pieces of furniture and/or upgrade to higher ones.

NOTE: Offer the services you have the equipment for. Don’t include a service without first acquiring the appropriate equipment.

Consider your salon studio space: The size of your salon space will determine what nail salon furniture to purchase. We don’t recommend purchasing your nail salon furniture before knowing the size of your salon studio. You want to map out your salon space and ensure the measurement of the furniture rightly fits. The same principle works when replacing old furniture. Oh, one more thing. Try to find furniture that blends with your windows, paintings, and overall décor. This will give your salon a wonderful view and entice clients to spend long hours at your studio.

Keep your design in mind: When deciding on a new nail furniture salon, you want to consider the general mood of your studio. The trick is every piece of furniture and equipment matches the theme of your salon studio. Don’t stress yourself! Some furniture may not fit perfectly, but you can find colors that complement it.

Manicure tables and chairs: Manicure stations are basic equipment needed in every professional nail salon. Your manicure tables and chairs need to be comfortable for you and your client to avoid unsatisfactory services. As a professional, you want to distinguish your business from others. Thus, you want to opt for a quality, durable, manicure chair and table that offers additional customization and a lot of comforts.

Pedicure chairs: If you offer pedicure services, you will need plenty of pedicure chairs to keep clientele comfy while your staff tends to their toenails. There is a wide range of pedicure chairs to choose from the simple chair-basin-footstool combo to sophisticated reclining pedicure chairs with premium features like whirlpool wash basins and vibrating massage seats. Consider which pedicure chair works best for your salon with the clientele in mind.

Nail dryers: Nail dryers are important add-ons to your nail salon studio. It helps to prevent long dry times on gels and polish and also mitigates the risks that come with allowing nails to airdry, such as drips and flaws. A standard salon studio provides hand dryers for every manicure station. Better still; consider buying manicure tables that come with nail dryers.

Salon stools and trolleys: Salon trolleys and stools come in handy when your employees need to move objects or items from client to client rapidly. This saves time and reduces movement. Your choice trolley should not be too small or big, especially if you don’t have enough space. It should be moderate! Ideally, you should opt for trolleys and stools that are made with stainless steel. Such material can resist water and provide an aesthetic look when dealing with your clients.

Storage: Besides your studio, your equipment needs a home whenever they are not in use. We recommend you buy modern shelving or storage solutions to house unused products and equipment. Alternatively, you can purchase stations with extra storage to store the nail products in your studio.

Reception room furniture: If your studio has a reception room, make sure it is furnished with furniture that appeal. Many salons require reception desks, a computer, reception desks, seating, and a coffee table. You may display magazines and on-sale products on racks or shelves. Just make sure you choose furniture with a clean finish.



There are thousands of hair salon furniture out there, but how do you choose the right one for your business? Before we dive in, think about how much space you have and what your hair salon’s floor layout is. This way, you have painted a mental picture of the kind of style you’re going for.

The quality of the sink: A hair salon sink is essential equipment needed for your salon business. This piece of furniture is used to wash hair with shampoo. Quality shampoo sinks are durable, strong, and high-powered. You should purchase the ones that come with different nozzle settings, and should be designed to circulate water. After purchasing, hire a licensed plumber for the installation.

Check the seat’s functionality: Salon chairs are meant to be comfortable, durable, and reliable. The best salon chairs should withstand too much weight stressing on the seat. In addition to these qualities, the best hair salon furniture must have a reclining function. The more the degree the chair can recline, the better the chair is. You also want to ensure that after a large degree is reclined, both the client and the stylist/barber are safe.

Consider the aesthetics of your furniture and salon fixtures: Buying hair salon furniture is not limited to strength and durability alone, the aesthetics matter. This applies whenever you are buying any piece of furniture, whether at home or for someone. You want to choose furniture that blends with the interior décor of your salon. Combining colors requires a level of creativity and productivity. If you lack these, you should consider hiring an interior decoration. When your furniture aesthetics blend with the environment, it creates a serene atmosphere for your clientele to feel at home and relax. People will instantly take photos and videos of your salon and post them on social media, thereby advertising your salon business for FREE.

Opt for only the highest quality salon furniture: Whether you are buying chairs, tables, storage units, trolleys, lighting, etc. for your hair salon business, always focus on quality. This requires you to deal with a reliable furniture retailer that specializes in professional, high-quality hair salon essentials. Many furniture stores sell grade pieces for top brands in the industry. You want to avoid cheap salon furniture and equipment by all means. Don’t be afraid to check for online reviews before buying any piece of furniture.

Purchase lighting that enhances your salon: The lighting for your hair salon is excellent for mood elevation and makes your salon easy to work in. Lighting changes the overall ambiance of your salon. This can make a huge difference as it improves the experience of your clients. Salons that make the most of LED lighting make the most out of every space within the building.



Before buying beauty salon furniture, it is important to first make a list of all the essentials. Having done that, keep our handy tips for choosing beauty salon furniture while you browse.

Purchase beauty salon furniture that protects your clients and offers maximum comfort: We cannot overemphasize that your client’s comfort is the most important thing when it comes to furnishing your beauty salon. As a beauty salon owner, your clients are going to be sitting in a chair for most of the time they will spend in your studio. Think about it – would you want them to sit in pain or make it a comfortable experience? Option B, I guess. As such, you want to purchase beauty salon furniture that will reduce lower back pain. By buying great beauty salon furniture, it will be easy to make hair, massages, nails, or any other specialty. This way, your clients know they are in good hands and will feel appreciated.

Create outstanding salon décor: This is quite different from the aesthetics point stated earlier. Furnishing your salon requires planning and preparation. Clients expect to be given the best services even if they are not accustomed to them. If you have the budget, there is no harm in furnishing interiors with premium furnishings. An integral part of planning is picking the style that will suit your clients’ preferences and blend with your furniture. Once you decide on your salon décor, purchasing beauty salon furniture and equipment can follow. Search for a wide range of quality beauty salon products that will give your clients the choice of comfort and personalized needs. Creating outstanding salon décor recalibrates clients’ minds and makes them spend more for your pampering.

Search for latest designs on budgets: When styling your beauty salon, search for the latest products and designs that are budget-friendly. If you began with old chairs and tables, you want to upgrade to a more stylish option that offers premium features and functionalities in a budget.

Preference for handmade chairs: When you want to buy a chair for your beauty salon, think of purchasing a handmade one. We recommend this sort of chair because they are durable, long-lasting, and comfortable. What’s more, they get more feedback from buyers than the others thanks to their unique styles and customization options. In terms of design and material used, vinyl is the ideal option. Based on the selection of the material type of chairs, users can find to make it last.

Introduce tips and ways for finding salon furniture suppliers

  • Browse online
  • Check for reviews
  • Ask friends, family, and business associates

Bonus Tip: Ensure That You Get Your Salon Furniture From A Quality Supplier

Having considered the strategies needed for picking salon furniture, you want to make sure you buy from a reputable supplier. A reputable salon furniture and equipment supplier sells quality, professional and durable salon furniture and equipment at a competitive price. Omysalon is one of those professional wholesale salon furniture manufacturers that have the track record of providing top-notch salon equipment that will suit your style and preference. Discover thousands of high-quality products for spas, massage parlors, barbers, nail shops, and skincare businesses, you name it. Even if you have a low budget, you will find cheap salon furniture and equipment covered by a warranty. This globally-recognized salon equipment business has kept many nail salons properly equipped across the country. Feel free to contact Omysalon today to get your business set up with the best, most affordable, salon furniture for your nail/hair/beauty salon studio.


Final Thoughts

Experts recommend that investing in quality pedicure chairs, manicure tables & chairs, nail dryers, trolleys, lighting, sink, and storage help to grow the salon business. However, you can offer multiple services professionally just make sure you have enough space and the set of equipment. As clients enjoy your services, salon-style, and functionalities, they will naturally take up the responsibility of publicizing your studio. Whether you have a budget for modern salon furniture or cheap salon furniture and equipment, our proven strategies for picking salon furniture will help you make informed decisions.


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