8 Proven Strategies to Increase Revenue for Your Hair Salon

8 Proven Strategies to Increase Revenue for Your Hair Salon

In this article we will explore the ways that how to increase revenue for hair salons quickly.

increasing business revenue is a sign of a financially healthy business. Business owners around the world are continuously striving to increase their business revenue, as it often translates to increased profits especially when expenses are properly managed. One common way of increasing business revenue is by increasing sales. To do this, hair salon businesses require critical strategies to ensure that their businesses experience increased growth. In this article we will explore the ways that how to increase revenue for hair salons quickly.

8 strategies to increase revenue for your hair salon

1. Outline your business goals, vision, and Niche

Hair salons searching for how to increase revenue must clearly outline their aims, objectives, goals, vision, and niche. Once this is identified, you can differentiate yourself from other competitors. Choose a niche that is unique and singular to your services. Align your services with a gap in a particular location or specialization while also ensuring that capability to fill that gap. Also, endeavour to make constant research in your field of expertise to remain in the trend. Choose products that correspond with the services your render

2. Improve the appointment booking process

Easing the process of booking appointments in your salon is one of the most effective ways to increase revenue for your salon. This is because customers dread the process of calling their hair stylists. Choose a 24-hour online booking system that allows a customer to book appointments at any time and place with easy-to-understand features and supports an easy payment system. This would improve the long and short-term revenue of the business by enhancing the growth of your business, simplifying your business operations, preventing the back and forth between stylists and customers, reducing no-shows, and improving productivity. You can also adopt other kinds of business software to generate more business insight into how to run a successful salon.

3. Use the Referral Power

Referred clients are 18% more likely to patronize the services of your business. Build a sustainable relationship with your clients and take advantage of the goodwill by requesting referrals. Referral increases your customer base which translates to increased revenue. It also builds a better relationship with your existing customers and improves your customer retention rate. You can also create a referral program to boost your customer base and offer rewards to customers who refer clients. The gifts should not be expensive or time-consuming but should befit customer loyalty.

4. Review Pricing List

The prices of the services you render may affect your customer base, especially if the prices are expensive. To increase salon revenue, check your current price list and make changes where necessary. You can also offer discounts on selected products and services to customers to improve sales. Additionally, compare your prices with other salons within the location and make necessary changes. However, pricing for your services should be done according to the worth of your salon, to avoid undercharging your services.  Also, ensure to include trending items in your product list to ensure that your salon is in line with the trends.

5. Customer Management

The way you handle a client goes a long way to determine their level of patronage. Treat all your customers as VIPs, and offer them special treatment and care. You can do this by prioritizing customer satisfaction and choices, sending thank you notes and reminders, providing a variety of services, and creating a loyalty program. You can also offer discount programs or special packages for regular customers and encourage proper orientation of your staff. Additionally, improving the outlook of your restaurant is an effective marketing strategy for your business as it creates a better first impression.

6. Improve Staff Welfare and Reduce Overhead Costs

Reducing expenses and improving staff welfare are important aspects when seeking revenue increase. Engage in regular training of your employees, adopt the use of an employee reward system to boost their morale, and treat members of your staff with consideration and care.  You can also review your staff pay structure to reflect the current economic realities, while also listening to their feedback on the operations of the salon. On the other hand, reduce unnecessary costs incurred from overstaffing and also discouraging the use of unnecessary salon equipment that incurs huge costs. Adopt programs that retain your talented staff as well as practices that help you keep your costs down.

7. Ask Clients for Feedback

Feedback is a very important tool when gauging the satisfaction of a client. It helps businesses improve their services while also enhancing positive change in business operations. Feedback helps salon owners understand their mistakes and improve the customer's experience. Ask clients about their general experience in your salon and adopt effective strategies to improve their impression of your salon. Clients are very important to the success of a business, and obtaining feedback from them shares their opinion about your service and helps your business improve accordingly. This would lead to increased customer loyalty and retention as customers would feel their opinions are important.

8. Use Flyers, Gift Cards, and Vouchers

Flyers come in handy when carrying out less expensive advertising. Adopt the use of the frequent flyer program to create a reminder in the mind of customers and also aid in free publicity. You can also advertise discounts and special offers on the fliers such as a free haircut on the customer's 10th visit or free hair grooming tips.  

Gift Cards and Vouchers are also one of the best ways to increase revenue as they help businesses acquire new customers. Create ads for gift cards and provide an easy channel for customers to access them. You can also reward your customers with gift cards and vouchers.


Hair salons are a very profitable business, especially when effectively managed using the appropriate strategies and tactics. Applying these laid-out tips would help your hair salon business experience the needed growth to improve your sales and revenue. One of the best ways to increase revenue is to ensure the satisfaction of your customers, this would lead to consistent patronage, which in turn lead to an increase in referral.



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