6 Best Salon Booking Software for Thriving Business

6 Best Salon Booking Software for Thriving Business

You probably have researched saloon management software and salon appointment software but you’re still confused about which ones to choose. Not to worry anymore, I have written an article on the best six salon booking software in 2022 including pricing and reviews.


Are you a salon owner? Are you thinking of starting a salon company? Using the right salon software is crucial to the success of your salon business. Interestingly, there are hundreds of salon booking software out there that can solve daily salon tasks. You probably have researched salon management software and salon appointment software but you’re still confused about which ones to choose. Not to worry anymore, I have written an article on the best six salon booking software in 2022 including pricing and reviews.

We are living in an era where technology has infiltrated every sector. Every business owner is probably using one or more technological software or hardware. For salon owners, this is not an exception. As more people understand that living and dressing healthy isn’t for the wealthy alone, the number of salons and spas will keep on rising. Salons and spas are popular destinations for both the rich and poor with software playing a crucial role in scheduling appointments and providing several salon services. 

What Is Salon Software?

Before we delve in, check out the definition of salon softwareSalonSaleYee Dropshipping management software is a suite of software tools designed to assist salons in running and operating smoothly. Salon software includes salon business reporting, client & appointment management, point of sale (POS), salon marketing, and salon business operation management. 

6 Best Salon Booking Software 

Salon management software is the most viral system that is impacting the salon business positively. But what’s the best booker salon software out there? I have researched and discovered these best six salon software.

1. Mindbody

Booker by Mindbody is cloud-based software that can handle payments, schedule appointments, and keep online booking and marketing services all in one place. This digital platform is designed for both small and medium-sized businesses. Mindbody integrates seamlessly with Facebook which means your clients can book directly on your business’s Facebook page. Awesome. With this powerful salon tool, you will have access to client tools, commissions, online booking, automation, POS, marketing, payroll, reporting, staff resources, etc. Mindbody is ideal for salons, yoga studios, spa & massage centers, fitness & personal training centers, dance schools, wellness centers, and gyms.


Mindbody amalgamates three pricing tiers. 

  • The Essential package ($125 per month)
  • The Accelerate package ($195 per month)
  • The Ultimate package ($395 per month)


  • Ease-of-use
  • Quality customer support
  • Multiple functionalities


  • Interface/design needs some improvement

2. Salonist

Salonist is another cloud-based software that offers small and medium-sized businesses ample business opportunities. Salonist is a fast and powerful salon booking software that makes managing POS, inventory, payroll, reporting, marketing, appointments, analytics, etc., easy. This salon management software allows customers to schedule, cancel, and reschedule appointments in one click. Like Mindbody, Salonist can integrate seamlessly with Facebook so that potential clients can easily book appointments directly from Facebook. This amazing software also allows you to sell standardized spa and salon products to each of your customers. Salonist is ideal for health clinics, barbershops, massage & spa centers, hair salons, and make-up artists. 


Salonist amalgamates two pricing tiers. 

  • Basis ($49 per month)
  • Premium ($99 per month)


  • Impressive features
  • Easy-to-use
  • Pricing offers good value for money
  • Impeccable customer support


  • Hard to come up with a drawback – they upgrade their software and fix flaws now and again

3. Vagaro

Vagaro is a B2B platform that provides hundreds of templates to customize your site to have a salon look and feel. This cloud-based software comes with exceptional features including online booking, client database, payroll management, inventory management, digital calendar, automated email marketing, customized and comprehensive reports, etc. All you need is to sign up to create a customer profile and start enjoying these amazing features. The fun part is that Vagaro now has a mobile app, making it easier for your clients to book appointments without visiting the web.


Vargaro’s pricing is quite different. They allow you to test the platform with a free trial and if you are satisfied, you can upgrade to a premium version. The premium plan costs $25 per month for one employee using the software and an additional $10 for each additional employee.


  • Super user-friendly
  • Very affordable compared to the competition
  • Booking an appointment is easy
  • Customer service is exceptional


  • May experience issues when transferring client information

4. Schedulicity

Schedulicity helps you manage your salon’s work schedule with ease. This application can help you manage payment, client text reminders, auto-billing, multiple location management, appointment booking, and session-based package management conveniently and efficiently. Its user interface is so easy to use you can check the schedule of the appointments from its dashboard. 


Schedulicity’s pricing varies depending on the features. 

For $20, you will get unlimited booking plus add-ons like:

$5 for package management

$5 for client text reminders,

$5 for multiple locations 

$5 for automatic booking

$25 for automated marketing, and more.


  • Offers affordable pricing 
  • Customer service is flawless
  • Setting up a schedule is easy
  • User-friendly interface makes each priceless simple and intuitive


  • Lacks a report feature

5. Genbook

Genbook is a salon scheduling software that offers unique features. Unlike other salon software that integrates with Facebook, Genbook integrates with Google. Through Google, Genbook will connect your salon business with major search websites, online directories, local apps, and social media to make sure it appears where people are looking for salons in your area. Genbook has a feedback rating system where your customers can review your service after their appointments. You can share star ratings on Google and social media, giving your business reputation a boost. Genbook is ideal for those looking for an online booking software that has automated marketing capability.


Genbook’s pricing is set up per staff member. 

  • For 1 employee, you will pay $25 per month with Genbook
  • For 2-5 employees, you will pay $49 per month with Genbook
  • For 6-12 employees, you will pay $83 per month with Genbook
  • For 13 and above employees, contact Genbook for pricing


  • Amazing for social proof
  • Easy-to-use and intuitive interface
  • Priceless customer support
  • Clients can easily make scheduling changes themselves


  • Some technical issues at times like slow service and false reminders
  1. Insight

Insight is cloud-based software that encompasses a wide range of exceptional features including reporting, service management, customer engagement management, online payment processing, automatic notifications, staff performance tracking, inventory management, staff management, and automatic notifications. Insight makes every salon task secure and efficient. 


Insight amalgamates five pricing tiers. 

  • The Solo edition ($30 per month)
  • The Partner edition ($59 per month)
  • The Growth edition ($79 per month)
  • The Small business edition ($99 per month)
  • The Enterprise edition ($149 per month)


  • Ease of reports and simplified bookkeeping process
  • Easy to set up and install
  • Quality customer support
  • User-friendly software


  • Quite expensive when compared to the competition


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We have highlighted the best six appointment scheduling software for beauty salon, including the features, pros, and cons. This overview was diligently researched to help you out. Now, it is up to you to choose the one that best suits your salon business and marketing budget/strategy. We hope you find this post useful. Enjoy the benefits of using salon software to operate smoothly and efficiently.



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