Which Stuffs Are the Must-Have Hair Salon Equipment?

Which Stuffs Are the Must-Have Hair Salon Equipment?

In this article, you will discover the must-have salon equipment for building your hair salon studio quickly and easily.
Now you are excited about creating a hair salon and living your dream. Besides your salon expenses, there’s plenty of hard work ahead, one of which is choosing the right equipment for hair salon. Hair salon equipments are a must-have for every salon business. Without hair salon equipment, salon services cannot be rendered. What hair salon equipment is needed for a salon? In this article, we have compiled four must-have hair salon equipment lists that will help you provide the best quality services for your clients.
Building a successful salon brand isn’t rocket science. It takes offering the best overall experience for your clients. One of the ways to route this path is to purchase the best salon furniture and equipment. Why? The best hair salon equipments are durable, high-quality, and offers the comfort needed to retain clients. There are tons of hair salon equipments on the market; you don't want to jump into any kind of equipment for hair salon or choose one in a hurry.
In this article, you will discover four must-have salon equipment hair washing shampoo backwash bowl unit sink chair for your studio.

1. Anti-fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are designed to reduce fatigue caused by standing for a long time. Also known as fatigue-reducing mats, anti-fatigue mats provide stylists with the necessary comfort support and under feet relief all day long. This type of mat is very effective for salons with dry work areas and hard surfaces e.g. cement floors. They come in different thicknesses, sizes, and designs. The best anti-fatigue mats will also have a tapered edge for preventing tripping hazards. The wider the taper, the better the mat. Barbers who stand on their feet for a long time will find this tool handy during a busy salon day.

2. Barber Poles

A barber's pole is a handy tool that barbers use to signify the shop or space where they work. This equipment for a hair salon dates as far back as the Middle Age, when a pole or staff with a helix of colored strips (usually red, blue, and white) is used to remind clients of the importance of barbers in society. Barber poles are made with premium materials that ensure their durability and sturdiness. They come in different fantastic designs; some come with appealing LED light and rotary style. It is convenient, and very easy to install/maintain. Omysalon’s Barber pole features energy-saving, environmental protection, and high brightness. This makes it an ideal pick if you want something fashionable, attractive, long-lasting, and with the latest technology.

3. Styling Chairs

Styling chairs are essential salon equipment that offers a lot of benefits. Your styling chair will determine how much time your clients will spend in your studio. The ideal styling chair will provide maximum comfort for your customers. Some come with wooden armrests for comfort and a rotating feature for adjusting lifting and pushing down. Omysalon’s 3600 swivel hydraulic styling chair would be a perfect choice for your hair salon or beauty studio. It comes with an adjustable feature that enables users to adjust the height with great ease. They are made with PVC leather + high-density foam padding which provides a comforting place for your clients to unwind. The plastic footrest and back seat offers extra comfort for your client.

4. Styling Station

A professional salon styling station is easy to install, full of elegance, and minimalistic. It is made from an eco-friendly and durable material (wood) which makes it safe to use. On Omysalon, you will find a broad range of styling stations and styling counters all having multiple compartments. Some are single-sided, others are double-sided, and few are stand-alone or wall hanging. Omysalon’s 5-compartments salon barber styling station will be a great inclusion for any salon. By 5-compartments, I mean it comes with 3 shelves, 1 drawer, and 1-big storage at the base. Simply browse OmySalon for your perfect fit.

NOTE: When buying a salon chair or any hair salon furniture equipment, always keep your budget in mind. Avoid looking for expensive salon equipment and tools when truly you have a low budget. Outline what you really need and purchase them accordingly to priority. Later, as your business grows, you can scale up and purchase expensive, sophisticated salon equipment. There is nothing wrong in buying expensive hair salon equipment either, so long as you buy from a reputable seller and you affirm the equipment’s longevity, durability, and functionality. Finally here, always remember to aim for ONLY quality equipment no matter the budget (whether high or low).


It is one thing to know what to buy; it is another thing to know where to buy it. The salon equipment industry is fast growing and many more people are delving into this business. Knowing where to buy is crucial. Unfortunately, a lot of hairstylists have fallen prey to fake or unauthentic suppliers. A reputable salon equipment supplier is always committed to supplying professional, long-lasting, high-quality, and durable salon furniture equipment at reasonable prices.

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It is easy to get overwhelmed with the hair salon equipment list when opening a new salon. Yet, it is worth the hassle. Whether you are adding simple salon equipment hair washing shampoo backwash bowl unit sink chair or sophisticated hairdressing or barbing equipment, make sure you purchase quality only from a reputable supplier. We hope our hair salons equipment list has helped you. We wish you luck in your newest adventure.


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