This article will consist of the top, read-worthy salon magazines for salon professionals to keep up with trends in the hair & beauty industry.

Owning a salon business entails a lot more than offering cosmetology, nail, and skincare services. It requires you to keep up with new developments in the beauty industry. If you don’t stay abreast of the latest trends, you will miss out a great deal. How do you keep up with trends in the beauty industry? By reading professional salon magazines. With that in mind, this article will consist of the top, read-worthy eight salon magazines for salon professionals.


8 top salon magazines for professionals.

What is a salon magazine? Salon or cosmetology magazines are a resource centre where tricks, tips, trends, and knowledge about the hair and beauty industry are published. You will find a lot of magazines that will help you keep up with this ever-changing and updating industry. We have already listed eight free magazines for hair salons.


  • Stylist

Stylist is one of the leading salon online magazines famous for providing hairdressing news and trends. They offer inspirational imagery, information, guidance, and many educational resources for up-and-coming stylists and salons. If you need advice from industry experts on running your Salon in 2022, do well to visit Stylist.


  • The Salon Magazine

Salon Magazine is a significant player in publishing trends and news in the hair and beauty industry. This magazine provides valuable publications for the beauty industry, including cosmetics, skincare, spas, barbering, hair, and nail. This magazine is a must-read for modern stylists, and businesses can get expert tips & advice on how to increase revenues.


  • Bazaar

If you are looking for a beautiful yet informative magazine to digest fashion, health & wellness feed, then Bazaar is your next stop. This salon online magazine is a must-read for both stylists and professionals in the relationship, travel, culture, and gaming industries. What does Bazaar offer? A beautiful website homepage with the latest beauty feed, intuitive navigation menu, and sharing function. Oh! You can receive the latest trends via email once you subscribe to its newsletter.


  • Salon Today

Salon Today offers much more than publication; it is a resourceful beauty salon magazine that offers best marketing practices for salon owners. In addition, Salon Today provides free makeup tips, haircut trends, and spa treatment techniques for new and existing salon businesses. You will also find helpful videos related to the beauty industry. You can visit the website and subscribe to get weekly beauty information resources.


  • Modern 

Modern Salon is the go-to place to find quality information about skincare, Beauty, spa, and health trends. This magazine provides salon professionals with innovative ideas, creative inspiration, and how-to tutorials on how to grow their businesses. Modern Spa Magazine is essential for UK spa owners who want to keep abreast with the latest beauty trends and other industry announcements. One unique feature of this magazine is its usefulness to you and your clients. You can get insight from the latest product reviews while your clients can browse through this magazine while waiting for their spa treatment. If you want to read advice from experts, discover trending ideas, and update yourself on the latest promotion techniques, then find your way to Modern Spa Magazine.


  • Irish Beauty 

You guessed right. Originating from Ireland, Irish Beauty is the number 1 salon magazine online. This magazine is stacked with the latest salon trends, professional treatment tips, and contributions from industry experts for hair stylists. Irish Beauty is unique as it offers salons and clients information on hair, Beauty, nails, and skin products. What’s more impressive is that you can get innovations on how to beautify your Salon and what furniture is in vogue.


  • Creative Head

Do you need creative ideas on how to run your skincare business? Creative Head informs you of all beauty trends in the industry. They have a section for analyzing the latest products making heads in the industry. Feel free to have copies around your store so your clients can keep themselves busy reading celebrity gossip, fashion trend updates, and new product reviews.


  • Hair and Beauty 

Hair and Beauty is a respected publication brand in the beauty industry. This globally-recognized brand strives to provide valuable content that inspires and motivates readers. Hair and Beauty give you insight into the latest celebrity stylists and what products they use. Discover the innovative hair, nails, skin, and decor reports. The commitment to providing valuable and creative exploration in the beauty industry has made Hair and Beauty a leading publication.


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Every Beauty deserves appreciation, and professional salon magazines provide the avenue for the world to appreciate God and His beautiful handwork. These beauty salon magazines offer educative information about products, the industry, celebrity news, and business advice. If you are a beauty salon owner or enthusiast or want to start a career in the beauty industry, you should aspire to keep up with industry trends. These salon magazines are ideal for any beauty professionals and enthusiasts. Visit the aforementioned salon magazine websites and update your knowledge about the latest trends and technologies related to Beauty & cosmetics.


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