Top 7 Trusted Salon Software: Pricing, Reviews & Guide

Top 7 Trusted Salon Software: Pricing, Reviews & Guide

Managing a beauty business can be difficult without the right salon software. Not only does salon software help modify your business operations, but they also ease the responsibilities of your staff, creating time for them to do other tasks. With the emerging trends in technology, the use of the software is just another way to digitalize business operations to create a seamless flow. Activities such as inventory management, booking, and scheduling as well as payment processes are some of the functions of this software. Automating business procedures using salon software makes your business easier to run. It boosts your time management capacity and eases the processes for the clients themselves. 

A salon management software is an application (often cloud-based designed to automate the services of the business. It does this by allowing the customer and the salon to reach each other through scheduled appointments. This software as earlier said often varies in functions. While some software types facilitate online bookings, prevent double bookings, and manage records and employees, others specialized in marketing campaigns, staff management, point of sale processes, product management, and generation of reports. 

There is a plethora of salon software available in the market today, choosing the right software to suit your business operations might be a hassle. Therefore, in this article, we shall enlist the best software to suit the different operations in your salon. These software types would be specifically detailed with their use in beauty salons, hair and nail salons, spas, tanning salons, and so many others.

The Top 7 Trusted Salon Software

This trusted Salon software guarantees the safety of the business information as well as those of the customers. They are very reliable, usable, and functional.

1. Shedul

Shedul is a booking salon software for small businesses designed to manage the bookings and appointments of customers. The software is currently in use in over 120 countries by 150, 000 stylists and about 40 businesses. Shedul is a spa and salon booking software that is available for use free of charge. It is also designed for flexible use and supports other users in the beauty and wellness industry. 

"At last, salon software that works, thank you for revolutionizing my salon business with your fantastic booking software..." This is a testimony of a user who found the operations of the software incredible. 

Shedul performs the following functions;

  • Manages online bookings by allowing customers to make appointments via the Shedul app or the business' Facebook or website. 
  • Displays an activity dashboard that allows you to track daily appointments, client notifications, cancellations, and other bookings
  • Displays client's contacts, booking preferences, history, and future bookings
  • Features an online booking system with a flexible calendar system. Payments through POS can also be done through this software.
  • Notify customers of appointments or any changes and also send automated reminders
  • Manages sales transactions such as retail product management, taxes, receipts, invoicing, and POS sales transactions. 


  • The software cuts across borders supporting use by health clinics, massage centers, hair salons, personal trainers, spas, and beauty salons
  • Real activity tracking bin this software
  • The software is subscription-free
  • Easy to use and intuitive with a user-friendly interface
  • Allows for the registration bog multiple stylists and management of their bookings
  • The software supports use in different devices


  • The software does not have a mobile app yet

2. Salon Iris

Salon Iris is a beauty salon software for small businesses as well as large salons. This hair salon software also supports use by self-employed business owners. It is suited for franchise locations, chair renters, yoga studios, wellness studios, massage therapists, makeup artists, nail salons, spas, and barbers. The software can also be used by booty renters, tanning salons, and make-up artists, It is an award-winning scheduling and booking software with advanced features to suit the numerous needs of your business. 


Features of Salon Iris

  • The software specializes in full appointment booking and online booking system
  • It is compatible with gift cards
  • It has a general ledger system for records
  • Employee reminder system, employee schedule management, and unlimited employee support
  • Supports over 5000 emails per month
  • Timely software updates
  • Client formula tracking system
  • Facebook booking available
  • It can be used on two computers at different locations and has an option to add additional computers.


Pricing is available in five packages

  • The Solo package costs £49 per month and features one employee, 100 text reminders, and online booking features
  • The Standard package costs £89 per month and features five employees, 250 text reminders, online booking features, and stock control
  • The Professional package costs £119 per month and features unlimited employees, 500 text reminders, online booking features, stock control, and marketing features
  • The Multi Computer package costs £169 per month with all the features in the professional package and availability of the software on two additional computers
  • The Multi-Location package costs £269 per month with options to add unlimited locations


  • It can be accessed from a PC, phone (android and Apple), or tablet. 
  • Software training is available
  • Password protection system available


  • The cost of the software is high for some users

3. Salonist

Salonist is designed for salons and spas. The software helps to manage appointments, carry out marketing strategies, engage clients, manage bills and payrolls and monitor inventory. Salonist is suitable for small, medium, and large businesses for users in health clinics, beauty and hair salons, barbershops, tattoo artists, pet grooming, nail salons, bridal salon, and make-up artists. It is available to users in over 60 countries and over 10,000 spa and salon experts, therapists, and make-up artists. 


  • The software allows customers to make payments
  • It has a flexible way to use online scheduling and booking software, even after business hours
  • It displays available slots for the customers to prevent overbooking
  • Salonist automates the booking process, making the scheduling, rescheduling, and cancellation of appointments easy. 
  • Flexible payroll system and easy tracking of schedules
  • Strategic email marketing techniques


  • The Basic plan costs $39 per month or $390 per year
  • The Starter plan costs $59 per month or $590 per year
  • The Business plan costs $99 per month or $990 per year
  • The Enterprise plan costs $149 per month or $1490 per year


  • The software supports up to nine languages
  • Free 14 days trial
  • The software allows users to make bookings based on their preferences
  • Prompt notification system
  • The software has a transparent inventory management system
  • Secure data management system
  • Simplifies staff management
  • Unlimited access


  • There are limitations to the customization of the software
  • The android app should be improved
  • Customer service can be quite slow

4. Zenoti

Zenoti is one of the best salon software for businesses. This software is designed for users in the beauty and wellness industry. It is cloud-based software available in over 50 countries and used by over 12,000 businesses. Zenoti is a hair and nail salon software that helps medspas, spas, and salons increase their revenue by streamlining their operations and improving customer delight. It has a wide range of capabilities to help users identify their opportunities to boost growth. It handles billing and payments, marketing and sales, appointments and bookings, business intelligence, and general business management. It does this by managing the schedule and time-off requests, facilitating payments through its Mobile POS, creating a seamless booking experience for guests wherever they are, and boosting personalized campaigns with target leads. The software also carries out payroll and attendance and attendance tracking functions.

Features of Zenoti

  • Loyalty program
  • Recurring appointments management
  • Point of Sale (POS)
  • Management of client profiles
  • Sending of automated reminders
  • Addition of retail products to invoices
  • Loyalty program

Pricing for this product is available upon request


  • Available on mobile devices 
  • The guest alert system is very helpful to businesses
  • Sale tracking features are very excellent
  • Excellent customer support
  • The features help to build customer loyalty


  • Customers usually encounter challenges with the scheduling functions
  • The software should be more flexible


SimplyBook. It is a flexible booking software for users in the service-based industry such as those in the Salons. It is also a nail salon software designed to manage online bookings, displaying the calenders of the business. With this, users can know when to book an appointment with the business. The software displays the availability of the company, allows user to accept the bookings made online, and send reminders to clients about appointments booked, rescheduled, or canceled. It provides a robust payment system that allows the business to accept online payments through their POS system or using other processors like Stripe, and PayPal. The software helps to streamline the day to day activities of businesses and allows the site admins to regulate the booking process


  • Availability of gift cards and coupons
  • Provides systems to get the required information from customers after booking
  • Placement of prices and acceptance of payment online
  • Customization of email is available
  • Clients can book spots on the waiting list
  • Automated confirmation alerts and emails are sent once the booking is completed

Pricing has four pricing packages

  • The Free plan is based on a free subscription and offers 50 bookings, one custom feature, and five users/providers.
  • The Basic plan costs $9.9 per month or $8.25 when billed annually, supports 100 bookings, 3 custom features, and 15 users/providers
  • The Standard plan costs $29.9 per month or $24.9 when billed annually, supports 500 bookings, 8 custom features, and 25 users/providers
  • The Premium plan costs $59.9 per month or $49.9 when billed annually, supports 2000 bookings, unlimited custom features, and 50 users/providers

Pros of

  • Businesses can integrate their Facebook and Instagram accounts with the app
  • The software supports about 23 payment processors
  • It is suitable for freelance service providers
  • Available on mobile devices and on-premise


  • Some users experienced difficulty in resending confirmation mails
  • The payment system should be more flexible

6. SimpleSpa

SimpleSpa is a spa and hair salon software designed to manage client and business relationships. The software is suitable for small, medium, and large businesses and helps go regulate appointment scheduling, distributing reminders, and managing staff and inventory. SimpleSpa allows users to manage different locations of a business, monitor the staff support, and help to engage the clients better. This is one of the best salon software that saves time for the user off scheduling, improves focus on other relevant areas, and fosters business growth. 

It allows for the seamless management of credit cards, helps to track staff sales and business performance, and manages multiple appointments. It is available in Greek, German, Spanish, Italian, French, and English language, and has an automatic function that helps to detect the location of the client. 

Features of SimpleSpa

  • Easy and flexible business scheduling features
  • Sales and tracking of gift cards
  • Automated SMS and email appointment notifications
  • Automated calendar system to detect the specialties of staff
  • The coding feature helps to manage appointment status


SimpleSpa offers four pricing packages

  • The Basic plan for Freelancers costs $10 per month or $100 per year and features one staff and 1GB of photo storage

The Standard plan for small teams or businesses costs $20 per month 

  • or $200 per year and features five staff and 5GB of photo storage

The Pro plan for medium-sized teams or businesses costs $40 per month 

  • or $400 per year and features ten staff and 10GB of photo storage

The Enterprise plan for large teams or businesses costs $80 per month 

  • or $800 per year and features 30 staff and 30GB of photo storage


  • Sends out notifications for overbooking 
  • A client can book multiple appointments at once
  • Most businesses love the photo storage option
  • Excellent customer service


  • The training feature of the app should be improved
  • Options in the form section to attach images are needed
  • More integrations should be considered

7. Rosy Salon Software

 Rosy Salon software is hair salon software for small businesses. The software helps to manage client appointments, track salon activities, and eliminate no-shows after bookings. It does this by sending out automated reminders, automating email and text messaging, and improving connections with clients using its mobile version.

A user of the software wrote, " I would never choose any other software. It is the best for my salon, easy to handle, and very reasonably priced. The clients love all the online appointments and calendars". 

Additionally, the software also sends automated celebratory messages especially on birthdays, to remind clients to buy products from the business. This helps to boost the marketing techniques of the business. To manage inventory, it sends the "running low alerts" to ensure that the products are well stocked. 

It carries out financial activities by managing and analyzing the financial history and streamlining the payroll and accounting systems. It also supports integrated card processing

Features of the software

  • Mobile access
  • 24/7 client booking
  • Inventory management
  • Quick check-out with salon POS
  • Text and Email Messaging


  • User friendly with excellent customer support
  • Integrates well with Facebook
  • Creates performance and financial reports
  • Intuitive rewards program
  • Availability of free trial


  • Some users found difficulty in processing payments


Pricing for the Rosy Salon app is based on the number of person basis

  • One person costs $29 per month
  • Two persons cost $39 per month
  • Three persons cost $49 per month
  • Four persons cost $59 per month
  • 5-10 persons cost $69 per month
  • 11-15 persons cost $79 per month
  • 16 -20 persons cost $89 per month
  • Over 21 persons cost $99 per month

How to make the most of salon software (guide)

Having trusted a hair/nail salon software and making wholesome use of it are two different hassles. Proper use of the salon software ensures better performance of the business and reduces the difficulty in running the business. Consider these 10 tips to make proper use of your salon software

  • Ensure to purchase software that aligns with the goals and objectives of your business. Finding software that aligns perfectly ensures that your business needs are met
  • Inquire about the customer services and training available when using the software. With this, users can easily contact customer service if they encounter any challenges.
  • Compare the different pricing and plans available and select the one that suits your business operations
  • When using scheduling software, ensure to link your calendar with your online booking page
  • Set your software to notify you when there is a new booking to help determine if you would accept or reject the offer
  • Ensure your check out process is seamless to improve the customer retention rate
  • Activate your inventory tracking to avoid being out of stock
  • Enable target based commission on your software to improve the employee reward system
  • Link your software to your social media accounts to track the exact media your clients love to visit. This enhances the effectiveness of social media campaigns
  • Ensure your software tracks your most loyal customers to aid the rewards program

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