10 Best Nail Salon Websites You Can Get Inspiration

10 Best Nail Salon Websites You Can Get Inspiration

The emergence of the technological era has provided more opportunities for users in the salon world and thus salon owners must take advantage of this opportunity. Here, a combination of the 10 best nail salon website ideas to improve your business services shall be highlighted.
Leaving a fresh and clean feeling is what salons wish to achieve with their websites. Websites are important aspects of the beauty and wellness industry and go a long way to determine the kind of impression your customers have about your salon business. While these websites generally improve the quality of your services by giving your customers a sneak peek into the product and services  you offer, it also helps to improve the credibility of your business services, market your products, aid scheduling services, and display your differentiation factors. Salons, especially nail salons need to pinpoint important aspects of their nail salon website.

The emergence of the technological era has provided more opportunities for users in the salon world and thus salon owners must take advantage of this opportunity. One way to leverage this is to build a good nail salon website to boost your business. Here, a combination of the 10 best nail salon website ideas to improve your business services shall be highlighted.

Ama Nail Salon Website

This is one of the most versatile websites for nail salons. The Ama Nail salon website adopts a very attractive and succinct use of words and an attractive design layout that keeps the viewer glued to their screen. Coupled with the use of attractive images, the website tersely displays its services and products while also leaving important details about the company. The website adopts a smooth transition; from its engaging images to its products and services, to its booking section, background info and contacts. The website's design corresponds with the salon design, thus creating a complementary feeling for customers.

Nail Zoo Salon Website

This is a very interesting website with creative design layouts with bold and beautiful images. The salon website aims to paint its personality with the use of words. The website also offers a 'how to do video' to guide customers through the process of prepping and doing their nails. High-quality images are spread throughout the website, including some achievements of its technicians. Other information such as its working hours, question and answer section, reviews, and contacts are also found on the website.

Miss Thang Nail Salon Website

Miss Thang Nail Salon employs simplicity in its design of the website. The website gives off a soft feeling to the viewer, adopting an intriguing use of colour, layout, and high-end images. Samples of the salon interiors, as well as nail designs, are spread all over the website. The website design also discloses the location and working hours of the salon as well as a map showing directions on how to locate the salon. Services and proof are also available on the website.

Nails Lux Salon Website

Nail Lux is one the most outstanding websites for nail salons, the salon employs the use of high-quality photos of its services as the headboard of its website. It further gives details on its services, and customer reviews, and displays its library catalogue of nail designs. Company biography, contacts, booking section, and media handles are also displayed.

Skye McIntyre Nail Salon Website

Skye McIntyre is a leading mail stylist in Sydney, Australia. The salon adopts a clean design with weight but inspiring use of words to inform viewers about the brand. This website adopts a mixture of style, colour, and text to drive its message. The location, contact, media, gallery, and services are displayed on the website and easily accessed due to its simple design. You can also access the price list of their services on the website and make bookings accordingly.

Nail Pop Art Salon

The Nail Pop Art Salon adopts an alluring design website for nail salons. The website is designed in such a way that customers can easily contact them without any hassles. Additional information about the portfolio of the company as well as corresponding images and text gives the website an attractive outlook. An exciting feature of this website design is the large banner with contains the motto of the brand.

Angel Nail Salon

Angel nail salon is out of the most outstanding nail salon website ideas that offer manicure and pedicure services. The website uses a display of high-quality nail images at the top of the website and complements this with very warm designs. Angel Nail salon adopts a very simple and easy-to-use website that helps viewers easily get a feel of the salon and easily find what they are looking for. The website also adopted a  subtle use of words and softly lists its contacts, media, gallery, and services ok the website.

Nail Splash Salon Website

Nail Splash Website offers a mixture of components on its website. It employs the use of a great deal of high-quality imagery, detailed description of services, and in-salon operations such as its working hours, contact, and social media. The design layout of the website makes it less fussy and the use of colour makes the website attractive. There is also a display of a map showing how to locate the salon

The Nail Bar Lounge Salon Website

This nail salon website design is elegant and sharp with the use of just the right amount of words. The website applies to complement the use of colours to create an attractive look while giving the viewer a feel of what the interior of the salon looks like. Although there are no pictures of manicure and pedicure services done, the Nail Bar Salon uses its imagery and simple design layout to give customers an impression of what to expect.

Christie's Nails

Christie's Nails salon website adopts a detailed description of services and their prices. While the design of the website is generally simple to understand and easy to navigate, the colour scheme of white background, over green, brown, and black texts makes the design even appear simpler. Try out this inspiration if you're searching for a simple yet detailed nail salon website idea.


Shopping with OmySalon 

OmySalon is a salon equipment brand that offers the sale of tools and furniture used in the salon including skincare, barber, hair salon, and manicure and pedicure services. OmySalon deals in the sale of high-quality tools that eases your business operations while providing durable and appealing furnishings, tools, and equipment for your salon business. Equipment such as a variety of manicure and pedicure tables and chairs, bowls, salon stations,  mani-pedi tools, and other salon accessories can be purchased here. With OmySalon, customers can get a stylish and professional in-salon outlook that helps you gives a better impression on your customers.



A good website design inspiration is a good start to building an attractive business website that gives your customers a better impression of your services. Also, ensure that your nail salon website builder adopts a visible and easy-to-understand website design with smart use of content and a clear call to action.


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