How to Write a Salon Mission Statement

How to Write a Salon Mission Statement

In this article, we’re going to discuss why salon mission statement is so important, how to write it down, and we’re also providing some recommendations to boost your salon business's chance of success.

How to contribute the business to the success?  Usually, what makes the difference is having clear ideas: planning your move carefully, writing a business plan, considering your budget, planning your marketing strategies… However, there is one thing that comes before all these aspects and it can be considered the foundation on which you can build your business: it’s your mission statement.

When you prepare to launch a business in the beauty sector, having a clear salon mission statement should be considered step number one. In this article, we’re going to discuss why mission statement is so important, how to write it down, and we’re also providing some recommendations to boost your salon business's chance of success.

Beauty Salon Mission Statement: What Is It?

First to first how to understand the mission statement?

A mission statement is an affirmation of your business's reason for existence and goal. Speaking of a beauty salon, salon mission statement is a simple sentence, or short paragraph, that expresses the story behind your business idea, your goals, or what kind of need or problem the business is going to solve or fix for your clients.

A hair salon mission statement isn’t a random thought that you may have about your business goals, it is not your daydreaming about the success you want to have: it’s a sentence, or short paragraph, that you need to write down. It needs to be short, incisive, clear, and direct, and it needs to communicate the whys and goals of your business.

If it helps, think that you're going to publish your salon mission statement on your website, or social media pages. Users need to spend no more than 1 minute reading it (less is better!) and yet, your mission needs to be clear: what kind of problem does the business fix? What ideals are behind it? What are the goals for the future?

All these answers in one short paragraph? Yes! You need to concentrate all this information in one short paragraph. It’ll help your clients understand your identity, and it will help your collaborators and employees to have a clear understanding of the business ethic and mission.

Is Salon Business Mission Statement Important?

There are several reasons why you need a business mission statement.

1. It provides a clear direction for your business plan

A salon mission statement can improve your salon business in many ways. Some of these improvements concern communication and marketing and some of them are managerial.

Let’s start with the managerial advantages: a mission statement provides a direction for your business plan. As you may know, a business plan is a document that includes detailed information about how you want to transform your idea into an actual business capable of making a profit.

It’s a task that should be completed before the launch of the business. In fact, it should precede the creation of the business itself. When you write down your business plan, you think about the services you’re going to offer, the kind of equipment you want to purchase, where you want to purchase it, and the kind of marketing strategies you want to run… All these different aspects need to work together, and when there is a mission statement that provides a clear direction it all becomes easier.

2. It provides a clear direction for your employees and collaborators

The mission statement doesn’t provide a direction only to you but to your collaborators and employees as well. It will also help them provide communication with your clients that is always consistent, and always cohesive.

For example, you may have just launched an eco-friendly salon business, but you’ve not been clear with your employees about your business mission statement. It can happen that one of them may use some plastic disposable tool in your salon, for example, and a client could notice it.

But if your mission statement is clear to everyone (yourself, your clients, and your employees) then accidents like that are more unlikely to happen!

For example, if your salon mission statement claims that you are an eco-friendly salon business, it’s unlikely that

3. It’s a powerful communication

A mission statement is a powerful communication, and not only between the people that work in the business. It’s also powerful for the customers!

In fact, you should exploit your mission statement to help clients identify your business. Publish it on your website, and social media pages, and if it’s short enough (some powerful mission statements can comprise a short sentence) you could also put it in your salon itself, in a picture frame, as a quote on the wall, and so on…

4. It defines your identity

Business identity is important because it is what makes people remember you and your business. Whatever is your business, today, it’s impossible that you are the only one offering that service or that product in your town, on the web, or in the country.

You can’t avoid the competition, you need to learn how to navigate it. And having a strong identity, one that people remember after they leave your salon is something that can make you stand out from the crowd and win the competition.

Salon Mission Statement: How to Write It

Now that you know why you need to write your salon mission statement, it’s time to learn how to write it.

Phase 1: Brainstorming

We said that the mission statement needs to be short, but it doesn’t have to start like this. At first, just brainstorm and write down anything you’d like to communicate about your business, anything that identifies it.try answering these questions with your team.

  • What problem are you fixing with your activity?
  • How should your clients feel in your beauty salon?
  • What are your ideals?
  • Why did you come up with this business idea in the beginning?
  • What are your goals?
  • What’s the vie of your salon?
  • What kind of people will work in your salon?
  • How will your customers be treated?
  • What should your clients remember of their experience in your hair beauty salon?

Phase 2: Get to the Core

Now that everything, all your ideals, and goals, is in front of you, you can start to narrow down the field.

Here is a tip that can help you understand what, among everything that you wrote down, should end up in your mission statement: what is that one thing that, if deleted, would change the identity of your business?

How to find it? Just make attempts: maybe the fact that you offer discounts to couples seems so important to you, but is it what identifies your business? If this information doesn’t end up in your mission statement, does the statement still define your business properly? If the answer is yes then you can leave the discount for couples out of your mission statement.

The Mission Statement for Hair Salon Example

To help you even further, we’d like to provide some beauty salon mission statement examples.

Let’s take the example of a hair salon. Maybe your goal is to provide quality business at an affordable price; in this case, an effective mission statement could be: “To provide the finest service at the most competitive prices; it doesn’t take a budget to enhance anyone’s beauty!”.

If you want to focus on sustainability: “To not let nature and the planet pay the price for our beauty. We use sustainable equipment, products, and practice. The same respect goes to our clients and our planet.”

If you want to focus on the experience of having your hair cut in your salon: “To be a peaceful refuge for our clients. To treat them like queens and kings in a peaceful environment.”

You may be curious what is a good mission statement for a hair salon? There is no straight answer, you need to focus on the characteristics and goals of your business and then create your mission statement with the tips we provided.

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Now that you know why and how to write your salon mission statement, you can start planning the creation and launch of your next successful business!


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