7 Tips for Utilizing the Salon Email Marketing to Drive Yours Business

7 Tips for Utilizing the Salon Email Marketing to Drive Yours Business

In this article, we’re going to provide you with 7 tips to exploit email marketing for your beauty salon.

Despite the development in digital communication bringing us many new ways of using the Internet to send messages (instant messaging chats, video calls, social media…) emails are still used by 4 billion users every day.

In digital marketing, emails are the most important tool marketers use to communicate directly to their customers: emails are more effective than messages sent via chats, SMS, and ads. It has been estimated that for every dollar spent on email marketing, you can generate $42 income.

If you’re launching your beauty salon business, then it is time to get properly informed about email marketing for salon. The good news? You’ve just landed in the right place: in this article, we’re going to provide you with 7 tips to exploit email marketing for your beauty salon. But first, let’s understand what we’re talking about.

Email Marketing: What Is It?

Email marketing defines a marketing strategy that uses email to communicate with users. It can be used to remain in touch with your clients after their first visit, but it is also used to get new clients.

You can exploit email marketing in many ways:

  • Providing discounts
  • Promoting events
  • Getting users to know about your beauty salon
  • Creating a salon newsletter

Sending emails to new and old clients is the entire process of email marketing. The most challenging part would be to get users’ emails. Since we’re speaking of salon direct mail marketing, let’s focus on how to get people’s email addresses in a beauty salon.

One of the most effective ways would be to provide a loyalty or rewards card: when the client gets their card, they’ll be asked to provide some data, including their email address.

Email address collection can also happen online: you could offer a coupon online and the users can be asked to provide data to get the coupon code.

Why Is Email Marketing So Effective?

1. Everyone uses emails

As we’ve mentioned, despite the fact that we have many options when it comes to digital communication, some of them even fancier and more immediate than email, everyone still uses emails.

In digital marketing, email marketing has proven to be one of the most effective ways for lead generation, conversion, and profitable strategies overall.

2. It’s cost-effective

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies and it’s also one of the most affordable. Sending emails is free. You can use a software tool to automate some processes (like sending a personalized message to all your clients with one click) but it’ll cost around $10 per month!

3. It’s easy

Email marketing is easy to understand and perform. You won’t need to hire an expert, you won’t need to add one person to your team to manage email marketing: once you set up the emails, everything can be automated.

4. It drives traffic to your website

If you have a beauty salon, you should have a website. With emails, you can drive traffic to your website and increase your sales.

5. It increases brand awareness

With emails, you can communicate a lot. An email doesn’t need to be made of only text, you can create fancy designs that communicate your messages and also your brand identity.

7 Tips to Increase Your Sales With Email Marketing

1. Target your audience

Even though emails are effective, it doesn’t mean that you can send the same emails to all your contacts. In fact, this would be the perfect way for making your strategy ineffective!

The first step of your email marketing strategy would be to understand how to reach your targeted audience.

When you have identified your audience, you need to send emails to them and create emails for them. Speaking of salon email marketing ideas, you could target an audience of men to promote a specific hair strengthening treatment.

2. Write your emails

As we’ve mentioned, emails aren’t necessarily made of only text. On the contrary, when creating your emails you should design them using text, pictures, and even animation.

Make the emails clear and effective but also recognizable. In particular, you should use pictures to get the users’ attention (after all, they are receiving tons of emails every day), and text to state your message.

Write your message keeping the same guideline in mind: get your audience's attention first, and then go down into details. Finally, try to engage them so that they are so curious that, to get to know more, they’re going to click on the provided link!

3. Link the booking tool directly

Your email marketing strategies can have many objectives, but you should always exploit them to get new clients or to get old ones to book another appointment in your salon.

Therefore, your emails should always include a direct link to your booking tool. If you have a website where clients can book an appointment, then put the link in the emails. If you don’t have such an advanced feature on your website, one of the finest salon newsletter ideas would be to include your phone or Whatsapp number in the email: users can click and contact you for an appointment directly!

4. Engage the reader

One of the most effective ways of engaging readers is to address a specific problem and provide a solution for it. This is particularly easy with salon email marketing ideas, with which you can address an issue and provide one of your services or treatments.

Another way of improving engagement is to personalize the emails according to your clients. For example, you can use specific software that can automatically create emails that open with a very specific “Dear Jane” instead of a general “Dear client”.

5. Use a branded signature

Emails are usually signed at the end; you should exploit this feature to create a branded signature. It could be your logo or just a personalized colored signature.

A branded signature makes your email more recognizable. It also helps it stick in the user’s mind once he or she closes the email.

6. Schedule your emails

An email marketing strategy, despite being easy, is always an important strategy and it can also have a cost. It’s important that you plan it carefully and leave nothing to chance.

Scheduling your emails would be an important aspect of your planning. Furthermore, when you plan your meals, you’re planning your events, your promotions, and similar. If you use an advanced email marketing software tool, after you’ve scheduled your emails, you could also set up automated sending. This is how time and cost-effective email marketing can be!

7. Give before you ask

Your emails can help you increase your sales and get new clients, however, you shouldn’t be selling something with every email.

On the contrary, the rule is that you need to give something to your clients before you can ask them anything. And what can you give through emails?

FOr example, you could provide information, tips on how to take care of their hair, how to fix common issues, and so on… You could invite them to your opening (for free!), you could offer free gadgets, and you can offer discounts.

Bonus Tip: Marketing Is Important but Always Focus On Quality First

Marketing is the core of the business, it is true, but you don’t have to think that marketing only can bring success. The priority always needs to be the quality of the services and treatments you provide in your beauty or hair salon. People won’t care about how engaging and fancy your emails and newsletter are if they don’t appreciate your treatments and service.

When it comes to beauty salons, the quality of the service always passes through the quality of the products you use and your equipment. For this reason, our bonus tip is a recommendation of the best beauty salon wholesaler: Omysalon.

Omysalon is a salon equipment service company specialized in providing beauty salons with anything they need. They achieve this goal by providing one place where beauty salon owners can purchase anything they need to open and supply their salons during the years.

Other than quality, they also focus on cost-effectiveness, so they only provide tools and products at competitive prices.


In this article, we’ve discussed what email marketing is and why it is so powerful despite emails sometimes being considered obsolete. We’ve narrowed down the conversation to a beauty salon and provided precious tips on how to optimize your salon email marketing ideas.

Last but not least, we made a step back to underline how marketing is important, but the essence of success is quality. Our bonus tip was focused on how to provide your clients with the best quality products, tools, and equipment.

Now, knowledge and tools are in your hands: now you can start increasing your beauty salon sales with email marketing.


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