Solution for Frequently Asked Questions of Creating Mobile Barbers

Solution for Frequently Asked Questions of Creating Mobile Barbers

In this article, we are going to learn more about mobile barbers and several things about them. Learning about mobile barbers will make you understand why this job becomes popular these days.

Mobile barber is a type of job that becomes popular among many barbers today. Many of them want to have this type of job because they can work for themselves. They don’t need to work for any salons or other companies for doing their lovely jobs. They can provide many different types of barbering services, such as trimming, cutting, hair styling, giving shaves, trimming beards, or shampooing.

They will go to the customers’ places, instead of providing any services in a salon. Many customers love using any services from mobile barbers because it is very convenient for them. If you want to have any hair services, you can simply call your favorite mobile barbers without leaving your home. In this article, we are going to learn more about mobile barbers and several things about them. Learning about mobile barbers will make you understand why this job becomes popular these days.

How much does a haircut in a regular barbershop cost?

There are a lot of hair salons that are available around us. When people want to get any hair services, they can visit any of their favorite regular barbershops around themselves. Different barbershops may have different price ranges for their customers. The price of the regular barbershop will range from $20 to $50.

Some salons in the strategic location, such as Midtown Manhattan New York will charge more expensive than the regular salons in the other areas. Some of these popular salons will charge about $80 to $200 for the regular man’s hair services.

How much tip does a barber usually gets?

Most customers are aware that they can give a tip to their favorite barbers. Some of them are going to give about $5 to $15 as a tip after their services are done. This is a regular range of the tip given to the barbers. However, this tip range will differ from one salon to another salon.

If the customers are happy with the overall service quality given, they are willing to give a large number of tips to their favorite barbers. Because of this reason, many salons are willing to improve their facilities and their service quality for offering the best service to all customers.

How much does a mobile barber charge per hour?

Many mobile barbers want to charge their customers an hourly fee. An hourly rate can be determined based on the normal price range that happens on the market. Most barbers will take a look at the average charge on the market before they decide to determine the overall hourly charge for using their services. In London, New York, and some other big cities, most mobile barbers will charge about $25 - $30 per hour for using their services.

How much does the mobile barber price when it is in the fixed rate?

Some mobile barbers are willing to use a fixed rate when they want to charge their customers. This fixed or flat rate is getting popular on the market because it can decrease the risks for the clients. By using a fixed fee before the job is started, both the mobile barber and the client will know exactly what is expected. There is no sneaky surprise that will affect the overall cost in the end. Some mobile barbers will charge about $75 to $100 for every hair styling or haircut service that they will give to their customers.

How much does a mobile barber earn a month?

Mobile barbers tend to be more profitable than regular salons. They don’t have to pay for a booth or a seat at the salon. If you want to become a profitable hair stylist, you may want to consider the mobile barber as your favorite job. Even though you need to pay for a commission to the marketplace, you only need to spend about 10 - 20% of your total income as the commission.

For example, when you charge your customers $30 per service, you only need to pay less than $6 as the commission. Then, if you are able to give up to 6 services a day, you are going to earn up to $144 per day. In general, you can get about $3,000 - $5,000 per month as a mobile barber.

What other fees are usually included in the mobile barber fee?

There are many other fees that are included in the mobile barber fee, for example, travel expenses, materials, equipment, training, clothing, marketing, advertising, insurance, etc. All of these fees may be included in the barber fee, so all of these costs will be paid by the customers indirectly. Most mobile barbers are going to take about 10 - 20% of their total fees for paying some of these costs. The more expensive costs they need to pay for supporting their businesses, the more expensive their service will be.

Does tax also affect mobile barber prices?

Yes, it is. All mobile barbers are also subjected to paying the tax. Therefore, they are going to add about 10 - 15% of their total services to the customers. This amount of money will be used to pay their income tax. Paying tax will be mandatory for all citizens, including the mobile barbers. You need to take a look at the local rules and regulations when you want to know how much tax that you need to pay to the government when you are working as a mobile barber.

There are many other things that you need to know when you want to build a successful barber business. If you want to start as a mobile barber, you also want to invest some of your money in buying high-quality equipment and supplies from recommended suppliers. One of the most popular hair salon suppliers is OmySalon. You can buy a lot of high-quality products at a very affordable price. You will also find some additional discounts for buying any of your favorite hair salon supplies and equipment. It means that you can save a lot of your money for preparing your mobile barber business.


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