How to Build a Salon Website to Thrive Business

How to Build a Salon Website to Thrive Business

Salon websites are built to enhance the growth of your business.This article will introduce how to build a website and actionable tips.

Salon websites are built to enhance the growth of your business. They  give a better impression of your services to your customers, inform them about the services you offer, ease the appointment scheduling process, enlighten customers about the personality behind the brand and what to expect when they visit your salon. To do this effectively, your salon website must be properly built using the right design layouts, colour, and use of text.

Asides from having the basic features a website have such as including customer reviews, uniqueness, high-quality imagery, and ease of accessibility, your website should also be fast, easy to navigate, and uncluttered.

Ten Best Nail Salon Websites You Can Get Inspiration

  • Miss Thang Nail Salon
  • Christie's Nails
  • The Nail Bar Lounge
  • Ama Nail Salon
  • Angel Nail Salon
  • Nail Splash Salon
  • Nails Lux Salon
  • Nail Zoo Salon
  • Skye McIntyre Nail Salon
  • Nail Pop Art Salon


Actionable Tips for Building a Salon Website

Looking for how to build your salon website? Consider these tips;

· Search For Inspiration

Look for inspiration by checking out other salon websites to help you determine what kind of design layout, use of words and colour scheme you would like to apply. This would not only give you a visual impression of what you want for your salon but could also determine the brand you want to represent. Ensure to choose an inspiration that aligns with your salon culture, values, mission and brand. Adopt a style that helps your client understand and recognize your brand identity and create a lasting impression on the mind of your customer.

· Buy and Register Your Domain

Buy your domain and choose a name that aligns with the provisions and identity of your salon. Also, endeavour to choose characters that are easy to remember by opting for the shorter domain name with keywords that corresponds with your business and its services. Add easy-to-remember words to your domain names such as the locality or brand identity. Alternate domain extensions such as website or .hair can also be used. To avoid future litigations, consult a legal practitioner when choosing your domain name to avoid choosing a name that is similar to or belongs to another business.

· Select a Website Builder

Choose a salon website builder that helps you realize all you intend for your salon website. Ensure to use outstanding yet clear design for your website, use images that reflect your intended customers, layouts that make the website easy to navigate and intuitive, adopt a design that reflects your brand identity, and highlight customer reviews and testimonials. After the process, evaluate the entire website design from the eyes of the customer and determine the website's intuitiveness and attractiveness. You can also choose platforms such as Wix, Weebly, Square space, Shopify, and WordPress to build your website.

· Design Your Website Page

This is where you showcase the provisions of your salon. Map out spaces for the home page, services, online store, about page, contact, social media feed integrations, blog, testimonials and reviews, privacy, policy, terms and conditions, frequently asked questions, and booking and buy buttons. Ensure that you highlight all the services your salon provides while adding images of your salon services. Build a visual portfolio of your work on your website and entrench your services into your mission statement.

· Creative Visual Layout

Employ the use of a creative visual layout that appeals to your target audience. Choose a complementary colour scheme,  matching logo, and a suitable font type and size that is consistent across all pages of your website. You can also adopt parallax scrolling and animations.

· Appointment Booking

The appointment booking process on your website should be hassle-free. Ensure that visitors of your website can go about the booking process on their own without any difficulty, however, include the contact details of your business in case they are having any trouble booking an appointment. Also, include your cancellation policy as well as your pricing and payment options. Also, highlight the length of time service takes as well as services that can be booked, and stylists who can be booked.

· Use SEO Marketing Tools

Consider building your website with SEO to optimize your visibility on search engines. SEO optimization is a crucial part of improving your salon traffic as people often search the internet in search of salons and their services.  Use an effective SEO marketing tool to improve your rankings in organic searches. To further improve your site SEO, optimize your technical features, image all text, meta descriptions, and title tags. Employ the use of words to enlighten people about your specific services, team, mission, brand culture, and identity.

· Use High-quality Imagery

The use of high-quality imagery tends to leave a powerful feeling in the minds of the viewers. They go a long way to create an impression viewers have of your brand and help them to create a better picture of what to expect from your salon. It creates a mirroring effect on the mind of the client and would determine if the client would make an appointment or not. Choose imagery that evokes powerful feelings in the mind of viewers and that represents the services you offer. You can also add images of your in-salon outlook, your team members, front desk staff, and work processes. This would not only build credibility in the mind of the client but give them a feel of how you render your services.

· Keep in Touch

One way to create a thriving salon business is to keep in touch with your clients. Take prompt action to request the emails and contacts to keep them abreast of all in-salon offers and promotions. You can also create a newsletter alongside your website as a way of keeping in touch with your clients. Inform your customers of your booking calendar, new service offerings, deals, discounts, and other promotions. This would help to remind customers of your brand when they need such services.

· Link Your Social Media

Include the social media handles of your salon while creating your website. This is important to allow customers to connect to you on different platforms and access more graphics of the services you offer. It also helps to boost your traffic on your social media accounts as customers can tag you easily and drop reviews.


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