Steam Saunas

 Sitting in a steam sauna is one of the most relaxing experiences ever. But, most people get to enjoy this experience only once in a blue moon. Imagine if you had a sauna at home! You could then unwind in your personal steam sauna during the weekends or after a tiring day at the office. Your own personal sauna at home is now possible with a portable steam sauna. It is an affordable way to reap the benefits of steam with out the expense of a permanent sauna. This is precisely why so many people are now buying portable saunas for their homes.

Steam can help increase white blood cell formation thereby bolstering the immune system (our bodies own built-in disease fighter). Steam can also relieve muscular aches and the pain of arthritis by increasing circulation and promoting good general health. Home steam is also know for it's respiratory benefits, relieving coughing through the loosening of mucous in the lungs and throat. Also benefiting those with asthma and other breathing problems. For those who might have breathing problems, a dry sauna is ideal due to the fact that the humidity is not nearly so oppressive. Although others prefer moist heat to allow the lungs to benefit from moisture and perhaps aromatherapy benefits offered by some steam saunas.

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