Top 12 Hair Shows & Salon Events in US 2022

Top 12 Hair Shows & Salon Events in US 2022

Attending the top hair shows and events not only keeps you in the knowledge of the latest trends in the industry but also exposes your business to new tricks to ensure you remain relevant in the industry.

Hair shows and salon events are a gathering of salon professionals centred around a theme, focus, and purpose. These gatherings help to improve awareness of your business while also providing opportunities to meet new stylists and enhance your business growth. Salon events and hair shows create the buzz your business needs to market its services. These kinds of activities come in handy when trying to promote a new product, seeking to know your clients better, or trying to create a better impression when opening your salon.

Attending the top hair shows and events not only keeps you in the knowledge of the latest trends in the industry but also exposes your business to new tricks to ensure you remain relevant in the industry. Stylists can get exposed to new opportunities, new employees and employers, and new tools and products to help them stay on top of the styling industry, gain connections with different people and improve their client base.


Why You Need Hair Shows

Hair shows are important for your business due to the following reasons;

Hair shows create opportunities

Look for the perfect way to launch or introduce a new hair product, service, or launch new trend? Hair shows provide the perfect opportunity. With these gatherings, stylists can educate their clients about these products and test their expectations and reactions to them and determine how successful the product would be. This can go a long way to improving your customer base. Hair shows also provide the platform to introduce and promote a new team member.

Hair shows improve brand awareness

Hair shows are effective ways to create publicity about your salon's activities and strengthen links with your local community. With this, businesses can enjoy increased patronage, gain brand recognition, and advertise the unique attributes of the salon. They also help to promote your team members and the different services you render.

Career Growth

Hair shows and events are one of the most suitable ways to meet professionals and potential employers in various fields. Make the most of the event by meeting everyone you can and maintaining an excellent display of your skills. Hair shows provide platforms to meet and connect with new people and make new contacts. This can helps to boost the scope of people you work with.


Top 12 Hair Shows and Salon Events in the United States

1. Behind the chair

Dates: August 13-16 2022

Location: Orlando, Florida, United States

Behind the chair is one of the most inspiring hair shows 2022 that provides a source of motivation for stylists and other persons in the hair industry. Individuals searching for support and inspiration can partake in this hair salon show in 2022 and benefit from the variety of events displayed. This hair show features salon business sessions, business talks, practical hair activities sessions, practical sessions from artists, look and learn sessions from top brands, education on different techniques, exhibition sessions, social media panel sessions and other related areas.

 It features a variety of entertaining and inspirational ways to carry out your business. Behind the Chair or the BTC Show, as it is usually called helps individuals locate their clients, and access the best education from well-known influencers and top celebrity hairdressers. The BTC Show helps you become the best stylist in your locality.

2. Atlanta Black Beauty Expo

Dates: August 7, 2022

Location: Atlanta, Georgia, United States

This is a kind of beauty show that attends to the need of black beauty consumers by black beauty professionals. This one-day Expo seeks to promote the black beauty industry by bringing these professionals in these industries together to advance the industry while creating a suitable atmosphere for support, motivation, and inspiration. Beauticians across modelling, photography, hair, fashion and makeup artists would come together during this Expo to create advancement in the black beauty industry.

3. Iconic.22 Conference

Dates: September 25-26, 2022

Location: San Francisco, California, United States.

This is a wild-class conference suited for professionals in the fitness, wellness, and beauty industry. The conference caters to the need of entrepreneurs in these industries, creating a viable network between these persons while also creating opportunities for these persons to learn more about the product and services offered during this conference. High-regarded professionals and celebrities would hold different educational sessions to help participants take their businesses to the best level. Additionally, attendees stand to gain practical strategies to help their businesses move to the next level and connect with customers easily. Up-and-coming entrepreneurs also stand to benefit from the conference as inspirational stories from icons in these industries would be shared to aid them in their business journeys. There would also be a question and answer session to aid your business growth process.

4. Bronzer Bros International Beauty Show

Dates: August 27-29, 2022

Location: Miami, Florida, United States.

The Broner Bros show features a workshop, seminars, and professional education classes while providing access to purchase products at excellent prizes. Thus multicultural trade show grant participants access to creative competitions that help to boost their knowledge about the hair salon industry. Additionally, participants can customize knowledge gained from this event and apply it to their businesses. Professional and retail products are available at the hair show while also allowing participation from both professionals and students in the hair salon industry.

5. Barbercon Dallas

Date; September 25th, 2022

Location: Dallas, Texas, United States

This hair salon show is a one-day event designed for barbers. The hair show features product demonstrations and live hair tutorials to educate individuals on the various practices within the industry. This hair show is held on the 25th of September 2022 in Dallas, Texas and is open to all stylists of all ages. The event starts at 1 pm with various packages such as the barber battle and the barber VIP education package. Other sessions include the Barbercon awards, education classes and workshops and the Barbercon marketplace. Individuals can get access to the leading vendors and global top brands in the industry attend classes from top educators around the world, and gain in-depth knowledge in men's grooming, cosmetology, barbering, and other exciting competition between barbers.

6. Hair Love Retreat

Date: September 29th to October 3rd, 2022

Location: Dripping Springs, Texas, United States

This is a five-day educational retreat designed for individuals in the beauty and wellness industry. This hair show 2022, helps individuals to connect with their work and themselves while also expanding their knowledge about hair. Hair Love Retreat adopts a luxurious approach when educating these persons about hair. This is an all-inclusive retreat that features business workshops, yoga sessions, cut colouring, extension certification, parties, and top-level education.

The retreat holds from September 29th to October 3rd 2022 in Dripping Springs, Texas, United States. This Hair show helps individuals retreat, rejuvenate, and gain inspiration. With this, you can change your life and business, build and expand your brand, and connect with your craft. Hair Love Retreat uses a balanced environment, coupled with effective educational resources to motivate participants.

7. Premiere Columbus

Date: October 2-3, 2022

Location; Columbus, Ohio, United States.

If you're looking for a show that provides a variety of classes during hair shows then be sure to visit the Premiere Columbus Show in Columbus, Ohio. The show features over 130 educational classes, 200+ exhibitors from world-class professionals, and educational competitions. However, this show is only open to professionals in the beauty industry. These professionals get access to opportunities in getting increased knowledge in different beauty niches and hair types. The Premiere Columbus Show also allows participants to engage in competitions and win cash prizes. These competitions begin in August.

8. BeautyCon Hair Show

Date: Summer of 2022

Location: Los Angeles, California, United States

The BeautyCon hair show 2022 is coming in the summer of 2022. It is an exciting event that features the best industry experts and influencers, alongside the best top beauty brands to improve your business services. The BeautyCon show provides visually appealing photos and visuals to boost your business, especially on your social media platforms. In addition to being fun and educating, this hair show is power packed with a great lineup of seminars, workshops, and product salsa for all attendees .

9. Cosmoprof North America

Date; July 12-14, 2022

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States.

The Cosmoprof North America Expo focuses on practitioners in the beauty industry across segments like accessories, tools, organic beauty products, fragrances, toiletries, nail care, and beauty skin care. This tradeshow provides a platform for individuals in the beauty industry to form a collaboration to foster relationships between persons in these industries and build their businesses. With this, professionals and entrepreneurs across the board can participate to garner knowledge to drive business growth and increase awareness. This three-day conference forms a common ground for all beauty practitioners in the industry. Cosmoprof North America Trade show highlights the best in all these industries to help participants get access to the best products to use and improve their business services.

10. Image Expo

Date: October 23-24, 2022

Location: Houston, Texas, United States

Image Expo is one of the leading global educational hair shows. Image Expo provides access to the world's most sought-after professionals that engage participants in workshops and seminars and introduces trending products and services for their businesses by leading brands.   Barber hair competitions, fantasy hair competitions, and business and hair classes would be available during this hair show. Since the inception of the event in 2011, the show has graced the presence of top professionals and top products and services.

11. Professional Beauty Association Executive Summit

    Date: November 16-17, 2022

    Location: Scottsdale, Arizona, United States

    The Professional Beauty Association Executive Summit provides a meeting point for persons in different industries including the hair salon industry. Industry leaders, salon and spa owners, distributors, and manufacturers can unite and exert the desired change they intend for their businesses. This summit provides inspiration, forecasts, insights, and visions to help build the need awareness for their businesses while fostering collaboration and connection between them. There is also a digital session of this salon event on June 9th, August 22nd, and September 13th. The summit also utilizes the provisions of the digital world to build collaboration across all industries to drive change in various markets.

    12. Premiere Birmingham

    Date: October 23-24, 2022

    Location: Birmingham, Alabama, United States

    The Premiere Birmingham is one of the most exciting hair show in 2022 in the United States. This hair show provides a 2-day networking opportunity for participants while featuring over 200 exhibitors and over 130 educational courses. This tradeshow, designed for professionals, connects distributors and manufacturers of skin care, nail, and hair products to build a better front in the hospitality industry. The latest fashion trends in the hair and beauty world and leading products from top brands are available at this salon event.

    This event is suitable for licensed professionals across the beauty world.


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    Hair shows and salon events are effective ways to improve your brand awareness while also creating more business opportunities and giving your business the exposure it needs. These top hair salon shows and events in the United States not only helps individuals build a better business but creates a platform where they can meet other professionals in the field and build better collaboration and relationship to drive sales, build client database, and improve the beauty industry.


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