What Can You Learn From 8 Best Hair Salon Websites

What Can You Learn From 8 Best Hair Salon Websites

Are you looking for hair salon website design? In this article, we have listed the best hair salon website to draw inspiration. Numbers 2 and 5 will interest you!

Professional beauty salons keep their businesses popular by creating an online presence – either via social media or websites. Many hair salons have added an eCommerce store feature to sell beauty products while others have created hair salon websites to provide useful salon tips and tutorials for clients and businesses. Are you looking for hair salon website design? In this article, we have listed the best hair salon website to draw inspiration. Numbers 2 and 5 will interest you!

In addition to purchasing quality salon equipment, beautifying your salon studio, finding a reputable salon equipment supplier, and creating a professional hair salon website is salient.  The best hair salon websites have three basic functions:

  • attract new clients
  • showcase work
  • manage appointments

To survive the competition, you need to create a stunning website that is mobile-friendly, fast, easy-to-use, responsive, readable, and safe. In this list, you can find eight beautiful hair salon websites with essential features that you can learn from.

8 Best Hair Salon Websites

1. Eight Five Zero Salon

Eight Five Zero Salon has a simple, minimalistic design to create and grow your salon business. This gives users ease when navigating different pages of the website. Eight Five Zero Salon welcomes its visitors with an attractive image slider displaying beautiful women. This is a great way to engage newcomers. This stunning hair salon website also features various CTA (Call to Actions) that help the business capture more leads. It uses a fixed header to keep the menu visible and accessible. Such a feature increases visitors’ retention rate. Overall, Eight Five Zero combines easy-of-use, attractive images, and CTAs to keep their visitors coming back.

2. Modify Hair Lounge

Modify Hair Lounge offers hair services and sales of hair care products. They have a 4.9-star rating thanks to the clean and neat design that impresses its audience. The website allows clients to book appointments with their phone numbers. What’s more, Modify Hair Lounge’s clutter-free website design informs users that they are a green circle salon that recycles and reuses everything including hair.

3. Salon Volt

Based in San Antonio Texas, Salon Volt is a professional hair and nail salon. The website features a huge, beautiful banner below the welcome text. This adds a touch of elegance to the website’s ambiance. The homepage features an “About Us” section that informs its audience what they do, the kind of services they render, the team responsible, and the atmosphere. If you are looking for a minimalistic salon website design idea, then you can source inspiration from Salon Volt.


TONI&GUY’s website is fully stacked with information. It tells you everything about TONI&GUY including their service, products, magazine, about, and career information. Big call-to-action buttons appear throughout the website. This encourages visitors on what steps they ought to take. Toni&Guy also comes with a UK booking app for booking appointments in two quick and easy clicks. The application is available on Android and iOs. We love the fixed header, an effective tool that offers visitors the option to navigate the site with ease.

5. Haven Salon

Haven is a multi-purpose beauty salon website that is fast loading, responsive, and user-friendly. The site features an “About Us” section where visitors get to know more about Haven’s products and services. After the site loads, a pop-up will appear announcing to visitors that they now have an online shop. Below the announcement is a huge CTA (SHOP NOW) button that will direct visitors to their online shop. This is an effective promotional strategy to drive traffic to their online store. What’s more, Haven makes it easy for visitors to book an appointment with one click. You will also observe an email subscription section where they collect email addresses of visitors for blasting emails. There’s also an Instagram section to connect visitors to their social media accounts. There are just too many inspirations to choose from.

6. Drybar

This yellow-themed website expresses its personality throughout the website. It features three navigation main navigation menus (SERVICES, BOOK, and SHOP) to make it easy for visitors to select what they want with ease. On this website, you will find lots of instructive videos that can teach users how to use their products. There is a fan favorite section that showcases the most purchased item in the store. This will encourage sales of specific products. In the footer, you will find social media buttons to encourage visitors to share with others.


7. Beauty on the Outside

As a well-established beauty salon, the Beauty on the Outside website offers a user-friendly interface where important announcements and monthly offers are shared. They have a section for testimonials which is unique. Testimonials increase the possibility of sales to a large margin. What’s more, we like how the footer is designed. It combines the company’s address, telephone number, email address, and email subscription in a clean way.

8. Jo Hansford

Jo Hansford’s website has a clean, well-outlined, minimalist design. It features virtually everything you can think of – navigation, hero images, product collection, testimonials, social media links, newsletter subscription, and a comprehensive footer. All of these features cater to effective marketing strategies that wouldn’t bore, but rather would appeal to visitors.

Inspirations From These Best Websites

Having listed the best black hair salons websites, it is worth highlighting the essential features that make a great hair salon website.

  1. Informative: Beautiful hair salon websites showcase the products, services, prices, and location in an organized manner. It contains information needed to be known about the business.
  2. Online payment: Obviously, this is an integral feature for any hair salon website that sells products or tutorials.
  3. Appointment booking: Professional hair salon websites allow visitors to schedule and book appointments with ease.
  4. Appealing: A good hair salon website is mobile-friendly and appealing.
  5. Images and videos: In the beauty industry, images are worth millions of scripts put together. A good hair salon websiteuses high-quality images. It also has a photo gallery section as well as a portfolio of its salon interior, exterior, and equipment.
  6. Creative visual layout: Everything from the color scheme to typography needs to be put into consideration. Modern hair salon websites feature parallax scrolling and animations to add an extra creative effect.

Bonus Tips: The Best Hair Salon Websites Use Reputable Salon Suppliers

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Final Thoughts

Beautiful hair salon websites are not always complicated; they attract and retain visitors with straightforward designs. When creating black hair salons websites, make sure it appeals to visitors and also highlight the products and services that you offer. What have you learned from the eight best hair salon websites? Feel free to leave a comment below.


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