6 Tips To Choosing Iconic Barber Chairs

6 Tips To Choosing Iconic Barber Chairs

The journey towards a successful barbing experience begins with the comfort of your client. Perhaps, the easiest way of ensuring that comfort is by using the right barber chair. When your client is not comfortable it could mean a bad haircut, or worse, a bad review!

There are many factors to consider when choosing a barber chair. This includes the style of your salon, aesthetics, comfort, and your skills. Sadly, many barbers rush into that decision. Some chairs can enhance your skills and make your work easier. With so many products on the market, even old-timers can have a tough time coming to a decision. Well, that is the purpose of this post - to help you make the right choice.

What is the difference between a barber chair and a styling chair?

Before revealing the best tips to choosing iconic barber chairs, it is paramount to differentiate between a styling and barbering chair. The reason is that many people mistake one for the other, leading to wrong purchases.
The key difference between the two is that barbing chairs have recline feature. This allows the chair to recline to a degree. In this position, shaving becomes easier. A styling chair, on the other hand, is made predominantly for women haircuts and styling as they have low backs and provide easy access to longer hair.

Tips to Choosing the Best Barber Chairs

When it comes to barber chairs, there is no one-size-fits-all. What works for one salon may not work for another—in terms of aesthetics and appeal. So, you need to decide what type of chair you need. Will it be an antique chair or a modern chair? Once you have made this choice, the next step would be choosing what is best for your salon and customers—and that is talking in terms of performance.

#1. The size should fit your salon space
If you own a spacious salon, you can opt for big and luxurious chairs. On the contrary, in a smaller salon, big chairs may take up the entire space and impede movement. You certainly don’t want that. In this case, a salon stool will make a perfect substitute. They usually have casters that allow for flexible use.

#2. Never compromise on comfort
The number one priority of every barber should be to make their clients comfortable. For most clients, a barbershop is their get-away location where they come to unwind and share their problems. You don’t want to add to their problems. Lumbar support, arm, and footrests are some of the features of a chair that enhance comfort.

Invest in a chair with solid armrests that won’t wobble when the client rest their arms on it. The presence of height adjustment and the adjustable footrest is another feature you need to pay attention to. The reason is that you will meet clients of different heights, and you have to make sure their legs are not left hanging or positioned awkwardly. Chairs with adjustable parts allow you to customise comfort. This makes them a better option for your salon.

#3. Choose chairs with memory foam padding
The material (wood or metal) used in the construction of the chair is less important than the quality of the seat. Well-padded chairs tend to be more comfortable. Your clients will likely be sitting on the chair for close to 30 minutes or more. You don’t want them to feel like their butt is crashing on a wood or metal.

You have to pay attention to the type of foam used for padding the armrest, headrest, calf rest, and footrest. Memory foam is best for padding because they are more durable. Thus, as soon as the load is removed, they go back to their initial shape.

#4. Look for a chair that offers value for money
The last thing any barber would want is to buy a chair and watch it fall apart after a few days. You can easily tell the quality of a chair by the quality of detailing on the stitching. Also, the type of leader used in the making of barber chairs will determine how long it will last.

#5. Choose chairs that are easy to clean
Good barbers know the importance of keeping their salon neat. However, you don’t want to spend all day doing that. Therefore, you need chairs that are easy to clean. The material used in the upholstery of a chair will determine how much effort you’ll invest in cleaning them. In this case, vinyl is a great choice because it is both tough and easy to clean. All you need to do is just brush off the hair.


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